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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 R Officially Unveiled in Vol.10 video - 998cc Supercharged Engine - the beast that you are waiting for is here

kawasaki-ninja-h2r-28The pictures that we have seen earlier is actually the real thing. One of the thing that we really want to know about this bike is the capacity of the supercharged engine. You don't have to wait anymore as Kawasaki has officially unveiled that this bike is in 1,000cc category with the displacement of 998cc supercharged inline-four engine. Heads up after the jump to watch the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 R unveiling:  

Is this the official pictures of 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2

image Few pictures are now circulating on the social media of the said 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2. We are not sure whether this is the real thing or not. To recap the specs,  Ninja H2 comes with 1,000cc supercharged engine. Check put more pictures after the jump

Monday, September 29, 2014

United Leperianz MiniGP Challenge - a great training ground for any motorcyclist

UL-MiniGP-Challenge-002 United Leperianz has conducted a series of MiniGP races just for the fun of it and they have invited specially newbie riders who would like to try out the real racing world. I was one of them and was a newbie as I have only tried the MiniGP once. There are 20 riders who are taking the challenge and most of them are newbies. One of them, John Chong, has never tried MiniGP before and he was determined to try it out.   

Round 14: Aragon MotoGP™ - Lorenzo excels in wet and dry conditions to take victory at Aragon

Jorge-Lorenzo---Movistar-Yamaha-MotoGP---Aragon-MotoGP-race-winnerIn an eventful flag-to-flag race at MotorLand Aragon, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP's Jorge Lorenzo showed superb pace in both wet and dry conditions to take his first victory of the 2014 MotoGP™ season. Starting from the third row of the grid, Lorenzo got an excellent start and was engaged in a three way battle for the race lead with the Repsol Honda's of Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa. In the middle phase of the race, light rain started to fall which then intensified, changing the track conditions from dry to fully wet in a matter of a few laps. Lorenzo made the decision to pit earlier than his closest rivals and swap to his spare bike fitted with wet tyres. He then proceeded to lap at a strong pace in the wet conditions, just as both Marquez and Pedrosa came unstuck in the wet as they persevered on slicks. Lorenzo then streaked away to take victory by 10.295 seconds from NGM Forward Racing's Aleix Espargaro who claimed his first ever MotoGP podium finish after a brilliant ride to second place. In third place was Ducati Team's Cal Crutchlow, who despite a valiant battle with Espargaro for second place, ultimately crossed the finish line just 0.017 seconds behind the Spanish rider to claim the final podium position. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

2014 Yoshimura Carbon End full exhaust system for Yamaha 135LC 4S and 5S - RM7XX

image Sinar Puncak Sdn Bhd has updated the popular Yoshimura full exhaust system with the carbon fibre end for Yamaha 135LC. It is available for 135LC Super Sport which is 4-speed and the Extreme Spirit with 5-speed. It was once priced at RM1,200, but now at RM7XX, this makes it more accessible for more bike tuners. Contact for more info.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2015 Ninja H2 Vol.3, Vol.4, Vol.5, Vol.6, Vol.7 video - Supercharged Supersport debut this 30th Sept 2014 at Intermot

ScreenShotSSD001I have been missing out about the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 in these few weeks after the second video about the Howling and Chirping. When I comeback to the Ninja H2 website, they have already uploaded 5 more videos about the H2. We can now confirmed that this bike will used a supercharged engine. The body style choosen is the supersport styling to enables it to fully maximise the potential of its supercharged engine. In some blogs and magazines, they have been estimating the top speed of this bike is in excess of 250km/h. I think it can go more than that since Kawasaki has compare this bike to 1971 Ninja H2 that has been a media sensation and the highest top speed recorded at that time. So, if Kawasaki wanted the 2014 Ninja H2 to be as sensational as the 1971 Ninja H2, we can expect the power, the top speed to be phenomenal. Now, can Yamaha, Honda or even BMW brings the sensation back as much as we love what Kawasaki has done? Oh, the video is after the jump, click the playlist on the top left in the video box to watch the Vol.4, Vol.5, Vol.6, Vol.7 video after you watch the Vol.3. 

2014 KTM 1290 Super Duke info - 100Nm at just 2,500RPM - brappp!!!

KTM-1290-SuperDukeR-engine A good graphics by KTM to show the information about the 1290 Super Duke that has been released to the world last year in December 2013. The KTM 1290 Super Duke has been an interesting bike to get to know to. It comes with a mighty engine with lots of torque, hence the nickname The Beast. Not just that, it is styled to be radical, unique and different that the rest of the competitor, but wait, is there any competitor in this category? You can heads up to read more about the info after the jump: 

Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 Honda CB650F already available in dealers shop - RM39,999 basic

image Kok Cheng Motor already gets the stock of the Honda's entry-level to inline-four, the CB650F.  There are two colours available at the moment,  grey and white. CB650F is one of the interesting bike from Honda since it features inline-four engine at the time where many manufacturers are looking for downsizing their bike lineup to less number of cylinders to keep the price low. Honda are able to produce inline-four bike and the same time, makes its available for the masses with a very competitive pricing.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Honda NM4 Vultus has arrived to Malaysia - RM84,000 basic

image Some say that this bike reminds them to the Akira bike in the Japan manga. I'd think it looks like that too. Honda says that bike is actually inspired from a style called Neo-futuristic. Whatever it is, this Honda NM4 Vultus that is powered by 745cc inline twin engine paired with Dual Clutch Transmission is one of the most interesting styling coming Japan so far. Luckily, Ah Hong Motor has shown that this bike is already available in Malaysia and the price is at RM84,000 (basic). Will you be interested to buy it if you have the dough? Picture are from Ah Hong Motor FB.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Specs Comparison: 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 250SL vs 2015 KTM RC200

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 250SL


2015 KTM RC200

Model / Comparison 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 250SL 2015 KTM RC200 Non ABS
Bore x stroke 72.0 x 61.2 mm 72 mm x 49 mm
Displacement 249 cm³ 199.5 cm³
Engine Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke 1 Cyl DOHC Single-cylinder, 4-stroke, spark-ignition engine, liquid-cooled
CDI Keihin, Transistorized Ignition Contactless, controlled, fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment
Power (kW) 20.6kW (28hp)(9,700rpm) 19 kW (25HP)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

2015 KTM RC200 and RC390 street legal super sports machine launched in Malaysia by Eurotech Wheel Distribution Sdn Bhd - RC200 RM16,888 and RC390 RM27,500 (basic)

RC200-priceEurotech Wheel Distribution Sdn Bhd has unveiled its duo of super sport series named RC200 and RC390 here in Shah Alam, Malaysia. The subject of this bike is to make it more track friendly and appeal to younger rider that are starting to learn to ride track bikes. Personally, I like the double headlight cluster that is enclosed in elongated frame that looks very different that what we always see. This might be the iconic look for KTM super sports bike for years to come as what BMW have done with the squinty headlight of the S1000RR. On the first impression, this bike looks like the one bike from the racer in Moto3 series. The one in Moto3 is 250cc whereby the KTM RC200 are 199.5c and the KTM RC390 is 373.2cc. We can say that the RC series is the mix of the supersports style of the Moto3 racer and the base model from the Duke series. RC200 are able to produce maximum output of 25hp while the RC390 at 44hp.  

Honda NSF100 - pure racer with 100cc - JPY410,00 or RM12,370

Honda-NSF100-004 Only 100cc but this bike made for the track for pure racing enthusiasts. Made with MotoGP in mind, the NSF100 features some of the design cues taken from the racer RC211V. This kind of small is great for a newbie to learn the handling of the bike in the track before going for bigger capacity and more powerful bike. If you can't handle the small capacity bike, probably you can't handle bigger capacity bikes too.

Acerbis Sunrise Crossover Full-face helmet Malaysia Day promo - RM198

Acerbis Merdeka Promotion has ended successfully. In order to thank you all for your support, Acerbis Malaysia has come out with another promotion, 1 Malaysia Day SPECIAL PROMOTION. Crossover helmet from Acerbis now available in Malaysia. Priced at RM1,098. The shell is made from ABS. The Anti scratch visor ensures maximum driving visibility. Internal sunshade is easily moveable thanks to the left hand side cursor. Anti-allergic, removable, breathable and washable inner lining. VENTURI effect ventilation and a removable chin protector.
Acerbis Sunrise Crossover Helmet is now sold at a promotion price of RM198 each (Normal RRP: RM1,098 each). This promotion is only available from 16th September 2014 to 26th September 2014. (Limited stocks only) To get this amazing deal, contact: or 016-7211293 for more details with the following text, "I Read"

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Round 13 Misano: Rossi revels in Italian renaissance after remarkable Misano victory - 1st Rossi, 2nd Lorenzo and 3rd Pedrosa

Valentino-Rossi---San-Marino-and-Rimini-MotoGP-race-winnerValentino Rossi had the Italian fans rejoicing at Misano after the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP star won his first race of the season in an intriguing San Marino and Rimini Grand Prix. Starting from the front row, Rossi was engaged in a thrilling three-way battle for the lead in the early stages of the race with teammate Jorge Lorenzo and Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez, with Rossi taking the race lead on the fourth lap. After fending off an attack from Marquez - who crashed at turn four while challenging for first place before re-joining the race – Rossi was able to build a gap over Lorenzo and ultimately crossed the finish line 1.578 seconds ahead of his teammate, with the pair ensuring a 1-2 finish for Yamaha. In third place at Misano was Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa, the Spaniard crossing the finish line another couple of seconds behind the leading pair. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Racing Boy legendary SP811 8-Spoke wheel is going to be discontinued after 11 years

image One of my favourite sport rim by Racing Boy,  the SP811. I like it because it is original design by RB, lightweight,  proven on the race track and price just below RM300. After 11 years, RB has decided to stop the production of this wheel and they are promoting the SP811 before the stock is out. If you like,  get it soon before it is gone.

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Racing Boy legendary SP811 8-Spoke wheel is going to be discontinued after 11 years

image One of my favourite sport rim by Racing Boy,  the SP811. I like it because it is original design by RB, lightweight,  proven on the race track and price just below RM300. After 11 years, RB has decided to stop the production of this wheel and they are promoting the SP811 before the stock is out. If you like,  get it soon before it is gone.

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Rabing Boy legendary SP811 8-Spoke wheel is going to be discontinued after 11 years

image One of my favourite sport rim by Racing Boy,  the SP811. I like it because it is original design by RB, lightweight,  proven on the race track and price just below RM300. After 11 years, RB has decided to stop the production of this wheel and they are promoting the SP811 before the stock is out. If you like,  get it soon before it is gone.

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Spyshot: Clear view of the Yamaha Exciter RC - the bike said to the 150cc based on 135LC

image Two clear picture showing the said 150cc Exciter RC in Vietnam,  which relates to Jupiter MX King in Indonesia or 135LC (150LC?) in Malaysia. It shows that it carries a lot of resemblance from the Yamaha 135LC. It got that sharp body styling,  wide tyre, front fairing light and double 5-spoke wheel.

2014 Honda CBR650F stock has now arrived to Malaysia - RM41,999

image The Honda entry-level to inline-four, the CBR650F has now arrived in Batu Kawan,  Penang. Should be available to the shops soon. 2014 Honda CBR650F price is RM41,999 basic.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

2014 Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit GP Edition - estimated RM7,200 basic

image This October we will see the MotoGP for Sepang round. As I expected, HLYM has prepared the special edition of 2014 Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit GP Edition (5-speed). This has continues few years back and remains to this year. Usually, the GP Edition will be produced in limited production. For the 2013 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition, there is only about 1,000 units. All of the units are snapped less than 2 month. The GP Edition got special center cover which is now in blue colour which adds a little different style than the normal 135LC.

2014 Vespa Primavera launched by NAZA Premira - a revitalized favourite - RM11,888

Wak Doyok with Vespa Primavera NAZA Premira Sdn Bhd, the sole and official importer and distributor of Vespa scooters in Malaysia, introduced the Vespa Primavera - a brand classic with a refreshed look, in an official launch ceremony at the ACME South CafĂ© in Bangsar. The Vespa Primavera, originally launched into post-war Italy in 1968, was the scooter that brought a breath of fresh air to a changing world in the form of stylish mobility. It went on to become one of the most admired and enduring models in the brand's history; also making Vespa into the worldwide phenomenon that it is today. Now the legendary two-wheeler has returned to delight a whole new generation of scooter enthusiasts. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

2015 KTM RC200 and RC390 are going to be unveiled this 16 September 2014

RC200RC390Malaysia-launch KTM Malaysia CKD has posted on their FB page that shows that they are going to unveil the KTM RC200 and RC390 this 16 September. It has been unveiled at Modena, Italy last week and the arrival of the RC200 and RC390 to Malaysia is very quick. Price is estimated to be around RM18,000 for the RC200 and RM28,000 for the RC390. via: KTM Malaysia-CKD FB

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kawasaki Assist and Slipper Clutch engine management technology

13EX300A_CG_A&S_Clutch After the recent introduction of the 2015 Kawasaki Ninja 250 that feature one defining parts that makes it interesting, the Assist and Slipper Clutch system, many were thinking how it works actually. There are two parts of the Assist and Slipper clutch that is the Assist cam and Slipper cam. As you can see on the picture above, the Assist cam is in light green and the Slipper cam is in dark green. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Official studio picture of 2015 Honda CBR150R dual headlight in Indonesia

image Indonesian riders must be one happy fellow right now since they are now presented with 2015 Honda CBR150R that follows the design of the dual headlight 2014 Honda CBR250R. 2015 Honda CBR150R comes in four variant thay is the red, black,  Honda Three Colour and Repsol Edition.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Akrapovic S-Y2SO11-AHCSS Slip-on exhaust for 2014 Yamaha YZF-R25

2014-YZF-R25-akrapovic-exhaust Always loud and heads turner, Akrapovic, has already make the performance exhaust for 2014 Yamaha YZF-R25. The YZF-R25 is rumored to be launched in Malaysia on first quarter of 2015 and this is good to know that you can already see there are high performance parts are available for you to tune the R25.  Akrapovic S-Y2SO11-AHCSS Slip-on exhaust system will make sure you can extract few more horsepower from the engine, at the same time, save few weight from the stock exhaust and also give it a proper sound track.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

IXRACE Double-pipe Z7 exhaust system for 2014 Honda CB650F - EUR790

image IXRACE already prepare this double exhaust for the 2014 Honda CBR650F.  The design is very different with the use of squarish design of the end tip. Included in the package is 2 x dB killer so you can still follow the road regulations but at the same time able to feel the performance.

2015 Honda CBR150R dual headlight in Indonesia features Marc Marquez in its brochure - Made of Champion

image Mr Taufik of tmcblog is now at 2015 Honda  CBR150R launching event and he has posted few images about the CBR150R brochure. It carries the tagline "Made of Champion" and features Marc Marquez with the Repsol edition CBR150R. 

2015 Honda Gold Wing 40th Anniversary Edition - 1,832cc flat-six

image Honda continues the new introductions to its 2015 motorcycle line with today's announcement of several cruiser, touring and dual-sport models. The 2015 model year marks the 40th anniversary of the Gold Wing® and we are celebrating with a commemorative 40th Anniversary Edition. Other new introductions include the return of popular and iconic motorcycles from the 1300 Custom and Shadow lines, as well as the Fury and do-it-all XR650L.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014 Honda CB650F and CBR650F price unveiled by dealer - CB650F RM39,999, CBR650F RM41,999

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="580" caption="2014 Honda CB650F RM39,999"]image[/caption] The dealer that I follow on FB has unveiled the price of the inline-four 2014 Honda CB650F naked is at RM39,999 while the full-fairing CBR650F at RM41,999.

Friday, September 5, 2014

2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 Video 2 - Howling and Chirping - supercharged engine!

ScreenShot010 Another teaser from Kawasaki about their upcoming Ninja H2. As rumored earlier, this bike might feature the supercharged engine. Now, listen to the mysterious 40-sec of the sound of the engine howling and chirping. The video is after the jump:  

Thursday, September 4, 2014

2014 Suzuki GSR750 ABS is coming to Malaysia on October 2014 - RM53,888 (basic)

GSR750 Suzuki Assemblers Malaysia is preparing for the launch of the GSR750 which is a naked bike with the engine derived from the supersports GSX-R750. The engine has been revised in cam profiles and also on the intake and exhaust tracts. The compression of 123:1 is high enough to keep the engine delivering maximum 'kick' to the crankshaft. The engine can revs all the way to the redline at 10,000RPM and churns out 105hp with 80Nm of pulling power at 9,000RPM.  

Ducati Malaysia Signs MoU with Han Chiang College - in fast pursuit of technical

Ducati-technicalDucati Malaysia (Penang) officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Han Chiang College. The partnership will enable undergraduates of Han Chiang College's Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Programme (under the college's Continuing Education Centre) to benefit from hands-on practical training at Ducati Penang Sheng Fatt Superbike Sdn Bhd (Sheng Fatt) and provide opportunities for employment at Ducati Penang upon completion of the programme. Present at the MoU signing were Mr. Kheoh Hock Seng, Director of Ducati Penang Showroom and Owner of Sheng Fatt Superbike Sdn Bhd, Amrick Singh, Head of After Sales, Next Bike (Ducati Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Dr Wang Yoon Yah, Principal of Han Chiang College, and Dr James Beh Kok Hooi, Vice Principal of Han Chiang College. Amrick Singh, Head of After Sales, Next Bike (Ducati Malaysia) Sdn Bhd stated, "We hope that through this collaboration we can encourage young Malaysians and nurture local talent. We are very confident that the well prepared HCC graduates will easily adapt to the new application programmes and technologies. During their time at Ducati Penang, the students will be trained to meet international standards of quality service plus be part of the Desmo Academy that has been created to enhance the skills each individual for opportunities that can span beyond Malaysia".  

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Spyshot: 2015 Honda CBR150R dual headlight in Indonesia - black and Repsol edition

CBR150R-indonesia-black2   Honda CBR150R has been given life once again with this update for the 2015 model. Spied at Indonesia and reported by tmcblog, the CBR150R are available in at least 2 variant which is black and Repsol edition. Based on just the sole image of the spyshot, how can you know it is not CBR250R? 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kawasaki Ninja H2 is coming on 30th September at Intermot - supercharged Kawa?

ScreenShotSSD002 The media and my FB timeline has been flooded with a teaser from Kawasaki with the tag Ninja H2. Ninja H2 has already been made earlier in 1972 configured with 3-cylinder 2-stroke 750cc engine. It produces 74hp at 6,800RPM and 7.9kgm of torque at 6,500RPM. That number is not impressive for today value, but in that era of 70s, it can be said to be the "king of the streets". For comparison, the 2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R 636 4-stroke inline-4 engine can produce 129.3hp at high 13,500RPM. So, to be the "king of the street" again, the Ninja H2 must have a powerful engine but it can't be from another 2-stroke engine. One option they have is to supercharge the engine. Why not turbocharged it? I think, the supercharged engine will have a more linear power delivery and this can eliminate 'power shock' after the rider exit a turn. Compared to turbocharger, the power can shock the rider after the engine hits certain RPM range and when the boost is sufficient. Will Kawasaki us a supercharged engine? Then, what will be the price? Oh, the dilemma and the thoughts...

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Kayo MiniGP MR150 and 1Minimoto Challenge, Malaysia 2014 at Speedway PLUS Circuit

KayoMiniGP001Ever since the Kayo MiniGP MR150 made its way to Malaysia in August 2013, it has drawn the interest of motorcycle enthusiasts and professional riders across the nation. The bike may be a new face here on our local ground but MiniGP racing had started in the 90s being hugely popular in countries such as USA and Italy. Smaller in dimension, the MiniGP is specifically designed for Grand Prix racing, which makes it an ideal machine for riders to hone their skills on. Pitrides Motorsports, the company that introduced Kayo MiniGP to Malaysia, has received positive feedback from experienced racers and national riders who have tested the bike ( 

Acerbis Sulby Flip-up Helmet Merdeka Promotion - RM250 (normal price RM1,300)

ScreenShot005 Flip-up helmet from Acerbis now available in Malaysia. Priced at RM1,300. The shell is made from ABS. The Anti scratch visor ensures maximum driving visibility. Internal sunshade is easily moveable thanks to the left hand side cursor. Anti-allergic, removable, breathable and washable inner lining. VENTURI effect ventilation. Good news! In conjunction with the upcoming Malaysia National Day, MotoMalaya and Acerbis Malaysia has embarked on this memorable day. The Acerbis Sulby Flip-up Helmet is now sold at a promotion price of RM250 each (Normal RRP: RM1,300 each). This promotion is only available from 30th August 2014 until 10th September 2014. To get this amazing deal, PM their page at: or SMS 016-7211293 for more details with the following text, "I Read" Terms and Conditions apply.

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Round 12 British MotoGP: Marquez emerges victorious in spectacular Spanish duel at Silverstone - 1st Marquez, 2nd Lorenzo, 3rd Rossi

Marc-Marquez---Repsol-Honda---British-MotoGP-race-winner For the second consecutive year the British Grand Prix was the venue for a spectacular duel between Repsol Honda's Marc Marquez and Movistar Yamaha MotoGP's Jorge Lorenzo, but this year it was Marquez who was the victor at Silverstone as the reigning World Champion beat his Spanish rival to the chequered flag. The battle between Marquez and Lorenzo lasted almost the whole race and resulted in the winning race time being the quickest ever recorded at the Silverstone circuit. After trading the race lead a few times, Marquez managed to pull a small gap on the final lap to beat Lorenzo to the finish line by 0.732 seconds. On the other Movistar Yamaha MotoGP M1 Valentino Rossi was able to resist the challenge of Repsol Honda's Dani Pedrosa and Ducati Team's Andrea Dovizioso to take third place. 


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