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Sunday, September 29, 2013

2014 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z Fuel Injection Race Modified

image Just after a month after its launch. The 2014 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z Fuel Injection already making its way to be modified for racing.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

2014 Kawasaki ZX-14R (ZZR1400) - estimated RM109k



Directly descended from the original Ninja, Kawasaki's newest flagship is the ultimate blend of Extreme Excitement and Everyday Versatility. Not only is it the world's fastest accelerating production motorcycle, but superb handling and balanced performance (care of advanced technology and numerous comfort features) ensure riders are equally at home carving up twisty roads in the hills, heading across the border to meet friends for lunch or deftly weaving through city traffic, as they are hurtling down the dragstrip. Offering customers an even greater premium experience, an Öhlins-equipped special edition model joins the line-up. The Ninja ZX-14R proudly stands at the head of Kawasaki's Ninja line-up, but its almighty performance makes it the King of All Sport Bikes. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

2013 Ducati Diavel Stripe available in Malaysia - RM116,888

DIAVEL_0009 The Ducati Diavel, one of Ducati's most popular motorcycle models to date, has long been the source of much desire, with each model variant earning the respect and appreciation of avid bikers the world over. Now this innovative machine is turning heads yet again, with a fresh look that offers customers the choice of two stunning new colour schemes for the latest model - the Diavel Stripe. 

2013 Kawasaki Z250 Official Special Minisite

ScreenShotSSD031 This special minisite has already available long time ago with the presence of the Z250 in Indonesia market. Anyway, I think this is a good time for you all to read about it again for all the information you want before deciding whether this is the perfect bike for your needs. Head on to: Enjoy and you are welcomed.

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Kawasaki Special Minisite of the Z History

ScreenShotSSD030 With the current of Kawasaki Z series like the Z800 and Z250 and upcoming Z1000 in 2014, Kawasaki has prepared a special minisite that dedicated to tell the history of the long running series of the Z starting from 1972 with the introduction of the Kawasaki Z1. The Z series have had a major impact on the history of high-performance motorcycles that should make its a legend. 

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 (Z1000SX)

2014_Kawasaki-Z1000SX-001 Like its predecessor, the new Ninja 1000 offers street riding excitement wrapped in seductive full-fairing styling. Changes to both engine and chassis for more direct response allow riders to feel even more connected to their ride. Like before, the Ninja 1000 blends control and comfort, and the sportier handling does not come at the cost of ride comfort. The well-balanced package further benefits from new, perfectly integrated panniers (accessory) and flagship-level technology like 3-mode KTRC (Kawasaki TRaction Control) and selectable Power Modes, which add to the Ninja 1000's already highly versatile performance. For 2014, the more refined Ninja 1000 offers riders even more of a good thing. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gallery: Live pictures of 2014 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Fuel Injection by Petaling Utama Motor (Kajang) Sdn Bhd

2014-yamaha-lagenda-115ZR-001 The 2014 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR is looking nice in this set of live pictures as posted by Petaling Utama Motor (Kajang) on their FB page. It got that big Yamaha name on the side and a great match of white, black and Race-Blu colour. It also comes with an improved engine that provides 20% more power at 7.4kW as compared to 6.0kW of the last generation of 115ZR. Check out more pictures after the jump: 

Rumors: Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS to replace Kawasaki Ninja KRR ZX150

kawasaki-bajaj-pulsar-200ns A round of rumors again which you should take it as a possibility or even just a wrong info. Here I share to you anyway since this is what I got from the insider. OK. Some riders said that in 2014 there will be no more 2-stroke bike for sale as new bike in Malaysia. Currently there are two popular 2-stroke bike in Malaysia that is the Yamaha 125ZR and Kawasaki Ninja KRR ZX150 that are still on sale. Due next year, some said that the Kawasaki Ninja KRR ZX150 will be stopped in production and replace with another bike. The current Ninja KRR ZX150 is at 30HP which is powerful compared to other 4-stroke bike. It is said that it is going to be replaced with 23PS Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS. We have never heard of Bajaj here in Malaysia yet, but Kawasaki have some JV with Bajaj of India to produce bikes. For now, the Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS is marketed specifically for the Indonesian as of the press release. To see it coming to Malaysia is logical but there are some issue of acceptance of a bike that is not 100% made by Kawasaki as we always see. Below is the press release of the Kawasaki Bajaj Pulsar 200NS: 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

2013 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition already available at BLH Motor

135lc-gp-edition-2013 It is confirmed that 2013 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition has make its way to the showroom. As usual, the coverset gets a fresh livery of current MotoGP YZR-M1 bike. Price is around RM7,800 on the road. via: BLH Motor FB

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2013 Kawasaki Z250 Malaysia brochure leaked ahead of 23 October launch

Z250-brochure The Kawasaki Z250 will surely comes to Malaysia. Already we have the booking on Mudah and now the brochure in Bahasa Melayu for Malaysian market has already leaked. Three colours are available that is the Flat Ebony, Candy Persimmon Red and Pearl Stardust White. Get ready for the official launch this 23 October as rumored. This will make many riders happy to see the 'baby Z800'  as we waited for long time now. via: Haziq Faris FB via BLH Motor FB

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Honda RCV V4 from MotoGP coming on the street in 2014

image The Honda RCV series that has been in the MotoGP will make its way to be street legal in 2014. Expect some serious power and superb handling from it. It will include the V4 engine configuration and 1000cc as used in MotoGP. Also, expect the price not to be cheap as this is serious bike for serious rider with serious amount of money. Via: DC Bikers Accessories E-Catalogue FB

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SHOEI J-Cruise Zulfahmi #63 Open Face Helmet Limited Edition - only 280 units - RM1,588

helmet-zulfahmi-shoei Available in only 280 units. Many riders have pre-order it. Price at RM1,588. Should be a rare collection after every helmet has been sold. Made in Japan with design licensed by Zaki Designs. Base model is SHOEI J-Cruise. 

2013 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition coming soon - only 1000 unit rumored

2013-yamaha-135lc-gp-edition-001Found on Hội những người yêu exciter vinh FB page about this shot of 2013 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition which is logic since there will be MotoGP Sepang on 13th October 2013. Usually HLYM will produce some limited edition bike to commemorate the event. We have seen earlier 2010 Nouvo LC GP Edition, 2011 Yamaha 135LC GP Edition and 2012 Yamaha 135LC MotoGP Edition. So, anyone of you already all the 3 series of the limited edition bikes? 

Bumble Livery on 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250


Another great work from Andrey Philipus. Here we can see the Bumble Bee livery attached to the 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 which adds a little difference in the look. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

2014 Kawasaki Ninja 250R livery coming soon

image Kawasaki Ninja 250R should see some changes in the livery graphics for 2014. Other than that, no changes are done. Via: Hodaka Motoworld PJCC FB

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Friday, September 13, 2013

2014 Ducati 899 Panigale - the 'Minigale' at 148HP

2014-Ducati-899-Panigale-021The new 899 Panigale – Supermid perfection The introduction of the highly-anticipated Ducati 899 Panigale provides a new way to access the exclusive world of Ducati Superbikes with a "Supermid" version designed to provide the thrill of the new generation flagship model with the refined character of an everyday streetbike. The brand new Superquadro engine features a revised bore and stroke for a broad power delivery, producing 148hp (109kW) with a torque of 73lb-ft (10.1kgm). The super-smooth power unit continues to be a fully stressed member of the innovative Panigale monocoque construction, achieving both an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and ride-enhancing agility with a dry weight of 169kg (372.5lb). An 1199 silhouette underlines the family DNA, while the Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) and the fully integrated Riding Mode technologies of Ride-by-Wire, triple stage ABS, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and Engine Brake Control (EBC) continue the benchmark ingenuity introduced with the award-winning Panigale. Ducati's constant pursuit of perfection now offers all-round performance for connoisseurs with an authentic and stylish way to enter the world of high performance. The 899 Panigale is available in traditional Ducati red with black wheels or a stunning arctic white silk with red wheels. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

2014 Yamaha Lagenda 115ZR Fuel Injection now available in Malaysia

image It's true. The era of fuel injection is already coming to Malaysia for bikes under 150cc. This time it is Yamaha 115ZR. Via: GTMax FB

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