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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Technologically Advanced Honda RN01 Downhill Bicycle

Honda is always pushing the limits of the technology of what they can achieve. This can be seen with the popular Asimo robot and HondaJet. This time Honda makes a downhill bike named RN01 with a lot of advanced technology carried from the motorcycle parts. We can see the Showa suspension, Kayaba rear suspension and Michelin on the bike. This bike makes me wants to cycle. Don't you? Video embed is after the jump  

Eclimo ES11 Electric Scooter

MM reader, Wan Midgee, has sent this picture of this Eclimo ES11. The price is said to be at RM11,400.00. You'll get this electric bike with range of 100km and top speed of 100km/h. This bike is made in Malaysia at the Bayan Lepas factory in Penang. It is good to see some green technology bike from our own Malaysian company but the price needs to be lowered a few notches more. One more picture after the jump  

CFMOTO 650 - China made 650cc bike for RM26,800

This CFMOTO 650 bike has been found by Johari Mn in ads. It is made in China bike with 650cc displacement. The headlamp have a resemblance like the Suzuki B-King. The price for this 650cc at RM26,800 makes it very irresistable to not take it as a consideration when you are in the market for it. Some might say about the quality of the bikes made in China, but it seems that they are now getting better with the quality of it. But if you ask me, I prefer to get the ER-6n.  

Friday, May 25, 2012

Iron Man Scooter

20120525-073809 PG.jpg Rather the Audi R8 for the Iron Man vehicles, I think this one can make it into the movie too. I can't determine what kind of scooter is it, anyone can help?

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yamaha Supersport model YZF-R15 wins the 1st Prestigious Award India Design Mark (I Mark) Award

20120524-090500 PTG.jpg Yamaha ever popular YZF-R15 wins the 1st prestigious award in India Design Mark Award. This proves that the design of the YZF-R15 works. It works because it got great looks and the full fairing design gets the aerodynamic optimised. One more reason to get this to our shore. Please somebody at HLYM, bring this bike!

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More Pictures of Modenas Ace 115 Ivory Green

20120524-122116 PTG.jpg

20120524-122142 PTG.jpg

20120524-122151 PTG.jpg

20120524-122201 PTG.jpg

20120524-122210 PTG.jpg In my opinion, this Modenas Ace 115 is the most sporty moped ever made by Modenas for now. The design is fresh and functional. The headlamp looks great and the tailight is macho. You should consider to get this bile if you are looking for new bike to buy. Via: Modenas FB page

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Yamaha 135LC V1 Carb Upgrade Mod

20120520-112102 PTG.jpg UTM Racinghas uploaded an image of this upgraded carburetor of the Yamaha 135LC V1. We can see that the air vent are now much bigger and rounder. That is just on the pyschical appearance, but how to really make it really give performance boost, we need to ask them.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

The Ever Beautiful Yamaha YZF- R15

The special edition WGP 5oth Anniversary R15 that you all wanted but always gets away. I want to make you all feel jealous with this bike that riders in India get. Hahaha...

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Modenas Ace 115 new colour - Lime Green!

Modenas is introducing a new colour addition to the recently launched but already popular, Ace 115, with the colour green. I'm not sure what is the official colour name for it (maybe metro green), but by the look of it it just look like lime green which is very synonym with Kawasaki. Modenas is a JV company with Kawasaki, so the colour resemblance should be no problem legally. What do you think guys? I thought you just might ask, so here is the price again; RM4,598. OTR=RM4,650 estimated.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

KTM Duke 200 Water Test

KTM has tested the Duke 200 being submerged in water. In this test, the bike is being driven in 16.5 inch water and then it is being left in the water for 30 minutes before starting the bike again. The good news is that it passed the test! One way of water to get into the engine is via the air filter box. I think, if you can keep riding without submerging the air filter box into the water, you'll be fine. Check out the video of the test after the jump  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2012 Yamaha FZ150i new livery by BLH Motor - RM8544.95

I must thank you BLH Motor for keeping all of us updated with the new bike launches since they are the Yamaha dealer that can easily have  access to the latest bikes. This time it is for the 2012 Yamaha FZ150i update. It got new livery update which looks a little bit classic. As we all expected in the previous MM post, this official FZ150i gets the new 'sampan' or engine cover and also there is windshield visor included. The colour choices for the FZ150i is red and black. FZ150i are known their excellent fuel economy since it uses fuel injection system.  

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z livery by BLH Motor - Red, Blue and Black

BLH Motor has released few pictures of the 2012 Yamaha Lagenda 115Z new livery. Now it comes in three colour variant that is red, blue and black. The 115Z is the basic spec bike compared to the 115ZR and that is why there is no sport rim included. The graphic are looking techno and nicely thought.  

Honda UNI-CUB Personal Mobility Device -

  TOKYO, Japan, May 15, 2012 - Honda Motor Co., Ltd. unveiled the new UNI-CUB personal mobility device, designed for harmony with people. Featuring a compact design and comfortable saddle, UNI-CUB offers the same freedom of movement in all directions that a person enjoys while walking.  

Racing Boy Accessories for Honda CBR250R

Racing Boy now has given some love to the beautiful Honda CBR250R with new accessories. On the handling, RB has made a Magic Clip-on Handlebar. The brake lever now comes in some exciting colours to choose with folding function. RB called this Sport & Street Folding Brake Lever. For your comfort and style, RB has introduced the Adjustable Footrest which of course you can adjust to your comfort. Check more about it at

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Spyshot: 2012 Yamaha FZ150i - just a minor update not all new version

MM reader, Pengecat Bintang, has posted on MM FB fan page a link about this 2012 Yamaha FZ150i that is going to be released soon. It is just minor update but a good one at that. The FZ now features 'sampan' or belly pan which provide better aerodynamic, better protection to the engine and makes the bike looks good.  

Modified Honda C70 in Greece by drag speed house

The Greek bikers do love their Honda a lot. In this case, we can see a proper and clean execution of the modified Honda C70 with lots of chrome parts. There is the chrome swing arm, chrome exhaust, chrome front suspension and nice polished shiny engine case. Good job guys! via: drag speed house FB Page

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

KTM Motorcycle Price List in Malaysia

20120509-052700 PTG.jpg Finally, the price list is out. This is based at Kel Cycle motor shop. Check out the image for the price list. Via: Sarjan Tulang FB page

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KTM Duke 200 is now really available here in Malaysia for booking!

20120509-103019 PG.jpg Actually I have become tired and confused about the availability of KTM Duke 200 in Malaysia. It has being launch twice in Malaysia. One by Prime Minister and the other one at MotoXpo KL 2012. Then, here is the news again, KTM Malaysia has announced the opening for booking of the most awaited KTM ever the DUKE 200 in their FB page. On one note, the are rumors saying that there are already thousands of booking of this bike, but I'm not sure whether that rumors can be true or not. The bike is definitely is good, we are just waiting for the final price to be irresistable. Search 'KTM Malaysia' in FB and you'll find more info about it. Price is estimated at RM18-21k.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Honda Integra Type R White

20120508-103743 PG.jpg The modern classic that we'll alaways remember. Via: Honda Tuning FB

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Honda Civic DOHC VTEC Engine Assembly

20120506-043509 PTG.jpg An exploded view of the ever beautiful Honda VTEC engine that powers most of their car. Via: Honda Power CRX via: Xtreme Scooter Modena

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Full fairing Suzuki Belang R150?

20120502-075131 PTG.jpg A full fairing Suzuki Belang R150. I think that this is just rendering from a fan of Belang R150. Anyway, it is looking nice. Good job to anyone who have done this. Or is it the real upcoming bike from Suzuki? Thanks to Wan Midgee at MM FB page!

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