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Monday, November 28, 2011

My Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed Review

I have been using Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed for almost for 4 month now. I have made a wish to myself that I will buy a new first model of this Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed, and now my wish has been granted. My review will focus on my experience and knowledge about this popular bike starting from the first day I get it out from the shop to this day. Previously, I have been writing about Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed, whether it is a good buy or not here. For me, the answer is both yes and no. Why?   The Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed as we all know comes with 5-speed transmission. The clutch lever position and the softness of the clutch feels very good and it is very easy to control the power from the engine to rear tyre with it. My gripe is that sometime I miss the Neutral gear when I want to park my bike, even though the gear shift is smooth, but when I want to change to gear '2' while riding it, it easily slips to 'N' position. Maybe its me that is not good with the gear play. I was once want to say that this bike is 'Corner Master' since it features the wide rear tyre that helps cornering and handling of the bike, but taking low angle cornering with this stock tyre is not recommended. I suggest you to get Battlax BT090 to the rear tyre that you can have Cub Prix style cornering which is very low angle attack. Wide rear tyre also helps in terms of balance and control when you have pillion rider. On narrow tyre, you will feel that is not easy to take corner when you have pillion rider, but with this IRC NR82 2.50 wide rear tyre, you will feel the balance and control are as much as the same like you are riding alone. Having wide have is side effect too since it is heavier and this will make the top speed is lower than what we can expect from this bike. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="640" caption="IRC NR82"][/caption]

 The overall body design of this bike is aerodynamic and it look like it is angry. This is due to the pilot light at the fairing that is now smaller and longer. The aerodynamic of this bike are good with many lines on the body that is used for better airflow. In my eyes, I think the design of this Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed is very nice and for me, it looks better everyday. The thing that I think need to be worked out by Yamaha engineers is to make a better tail light. The Y125ZR have the most beautiful tail light design of all time.

The meter cluster at first looks like a lamp bulb and this have been talked a lot in many forums and blogs. I 'm okay with this meter setup, but I think they can do better. The meter actually works well in terms of helping you with the information about the bike. The gear position indicator, signal indicator and fuel meter are visible and easy to read in any condition. The backlight illuminates even in daylight after you switched on the key and this is good for safety. The front pilot light at the fairing will also illuminates as soon as you turn the key to 'On' position even if the bike is not being started yet. Looks cool! The key also have shutter that keeps you bike a little bit safer than the previous model. The underseat key hole anyway is being put at the back. It is not 3-way key like I expect it when I first see it. This is actually good, since sometime we have lock our bike and need to keep our helmet locked under the seat helmet pin. So, no need to re-open the bike lock just to open the underseat. The thing that I hate about the key is that it is too long and it is not easy to keep inside my pocket. Also, long key are easily bent when you misplaced and step on it.

One thing that I need to say here is about the basket from BKP, that I think you all should install. This is because you can fully open your seat without it hitting the basket! This is good since sometime we need to hold the seat with our head when we are trying to fill up the fuel.

About the top speed, yes, it is can go only up to 120km/h only. I have test this and I managed to get 115km/h on straight riding position. It can go further to 120km/h if you ride it in 'G' (tunduk) position. Due to this issue, many have think to modified their ride. I'm thinking to install the Yoshimura exhaust pipe to this Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed, but some modification is needed since the length of the exhaust manifold for this bike is longer. I wish there is plug and play Yoshimura available.

If we take out the top speed factor, this bike power is very satisfactory. The torque are enormous. The way the power are also good with the application of the butterfly slide carburetor, the Mikuni BS25. You can good rapid throttle opening just like scooter with this carb. You will not feel the bike hungry for more fuel. The power is there anytime and every time you twist the throttle. I like the feeling of this bike in 2nd gear all the way to 4th gear. The pickup is one of the best I have felt for a moped bike. Some people ask me whether this bike is easy to ride it slowly like at 20km/h, and I have test this in 3rd gear and I can tell you that you can ride it in 20km/h in 3rd gear without jerk feel. It just feels smooth. You can also hear the engine in nice sound when it is driven slow.

The engine sound of this Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed are not as silent as I thought at first. It is much more rough than the 4-speed version. The 4-speed engine sound is soft and feels like a sponge, whereby this 5-speed sounds a little bit like metal grinding each other. I have checked the oil and everything is in good condition.

The switch panel of this Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed is also an area that Yamaha needs to improve. In my opinion, it is not user-friendly and not easy to use. I have Lagenda 115ZR and I think it has better switch panel. You can read my article about it here.

Fuel consumption are one of the best from Yamaha for this bike. I can get 130km for full tank that is about RM6 (RON95 fuel price is RM1.90/l). I have tested this many times and that the number that I get. For a bike that is enjoyable and having large capacity 135cc, this number is good.

The performance of this Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed is very satisfactory. I need to tell you again that the pickup and torque are enormous and it feels there are too much power of it. This makes you wonder why the top speed is at 120km/h only. Yes, we know that the speedometer is heavier than the previous model, but I think it should get 140km/h in standard form. Where have all the power gone when we step to the 5th gear? That is what I feel about the top speed. Other than that, I really like the performance of this bike. It is a Corner Master, Acceleration Monster but not Top Speed Machine.

So, is it a good buy?

Yes, for me this bike fits the statement of a great riding machine. The acceleration and handling of the bike are superb.

No, just because the top speed. I just wish it got more. 140km/h should be enough for me.

I hope my writings here will give a little or more info about the Yamaha 135LC Extreme Spirit 5-speed for you all. This is based on my experience and knowledge about this bike. If there are any mistake or anything that you want to say about it, feel free to comment.

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