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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 2010 Yamaha Motorcycle Price List On The Road

Lagenda 115ZR on the road price is RM5,504.25.

Yamaha motorcycle price on the road (comprehensive insurance, road tax, registration etc).

Yamaha 115Z (Kick) RM4,876.15

Yamaha 115Z (Electric) RM5,189.60

Yamaha 115ZR (Electric) RM5,504.25

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z (Kick) RM5103.60

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z (E) RM5420.68

Yamaha Lagenda 110ZR (E, S/rims) RM5737.75

Yamaha 135LC RM6911.50

Yamaha 135LC ES RM7022.18

Yamaha Ego S RM5227.63

Yamaha Nouvo S RM5893.38

Yamaha Nouvo LC RM6670.33

Yamaha 125ZR RM7307.26

Yamaha RX-Z RM8143.08

Yamaha FZ-150i RM8444.95

All prices are correct at the time of writing as taken from This pricelist can be downloaded here.

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