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Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 Honda Wave 110 R/RS Ads

Honda Wave 110 RS

Honda Wave 110 RS

Honda Wave 110 R/RS is a new version of Honda Wave with updated design and engine. Many of the reviewers of this bike said that the engine quite torquey even on 2nd gear. That’s good to know. Being Honda, we know it feature the well known fuel efficiency that is 52.5km/l for this Honda Wave 110.

Is this bike a good buy? Yes, it is.

2010 Honda Wave 125X Ultimo Catalogue

Honda Wave 125X Ultimo Page 1

Honda Wave 125X Ultimo Catalogue Page 1

There is a lot of updates happening at Boon Siew Honda Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Here is the latest version Honda Wave 125X with the added phrase of ‘Ultimo’.
Ultimo features an electric starter version for its Honda Wave 125X Ultimo RS and also alloy rims to boot.
In terms of fuel-efficiency, Ultimo is one of the best as it can go up to 57.8km for ONE liter of petrol. This number is much better compared to Honda Wave 100 which is 49.4km/l or the newest Honda Wave 110 RS at 52.5km/l.

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Modified 2010 Honda Wave 110 RS

2010 Honda Wave 110RS modified front view

2010 Honda Wave 110RS modified side view

The nice black colour that you see here is not matte black. In fact, it is not even paint, but actually unpainted plastic. In real life, this colour is very nice and have soft gloss to it. Anyway, unpainted plastic are prone to damage by UV rays from the sun. Also, it is very easy to get scratched.

More pictures coming soon since I'm posting this from my phone which have limited function.
Keep watching!

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