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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Forum of MotoMalaya is Now Live!

Forum of MotoMalaya

I hate forums! I hate it because there are a lot of information but they are very hard to find a good one! I tried to find information about how to install a rear disc brake to my Yamaha RX-Z in many forums but they are not available. Even if there are available, the information is hard to find as I need to read lot of pages before I do get to the point of the discussion.

So, what the heck am I getting this forum live?

A good forum like MalaysianBikers and YamahaT135 really do provides good and priceless information. Congratulation to them and all the forumers there. Forum can gather around lots of information from bikers around the world. Just like Wikipedia, all of the information is provided by users all around the globe.

But, what about the new Forum of MotoMalaya? Is it going to be a good one or the hated one?

Get to it here:

Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 Honda Wave 110i AT with CV-Matic

Honda Wave 110i AT CV-Matic
Honda Wave 110i AT CV-Matic

Honda is releasing new bike with have the same compact transmission CV-Matic to beat the Y.C.A.T from Yamaha. This bike which have the same look like normal moped is actually automatic bike that shifts like scooter do. I hope the AT transmission can provide the same power and durability like the normal manual sequential transmission like Honda Wave 110.

Fuel injection is replacing for bikes in Thailand, which said to provide better fuel efficiency all round the RPM.

Here are the excerpt from the Honda Worldwide news:

"February 18, 2010 - Honda will begin sales in Thailand of a new Cub-type automatic transmission (AT) scooter model, Wave110i AT, in March of this year through A. P. Honda Co., Ltd., a Honda affiliate responsible for distribution of Honda motorcycle products in Thailand. Based on the Wave110i, which is highly acclaimed for its fuel efficiency, the Wave110i AT features a new automatic transmission called CV-Matic. The starting price will be 44,900 baht, with an annual sales plan of 50,000 units. (1 baht = approximately 2.7 yen).

CV-Matic makes the Wave110i AT a product that offers both the typical characteristics of Cub-type bikes such as longer riding range, durability and superior cost-performance as well as added characteristics such as ease of operation and comfortable ride. In addition to Thailand, Honda has plans for the sequential introduction of Wave110i AT in Vietnam and neighboring countries to meet the diversifying needs of customers in ASEAN markets.

The CV-Matic features a new cooling system which solved the issue of heat load on drive belt, and was developed based on the small-motorcycle automatic transmission technologies Honda has been fostering over the years. This new system enhances the durability of the drive belt and allows for a more compact design with a shorter distance between the drive pulley and driven pulley. Due to this advance, the engine position does not need to be significantly altered, optimizing design layout freedom.

Industry-wide motorcycle sales in Thailand in 2009 totaled approximately 1.54 million units (down 10% compared to 2008). With sales of approximately 1.01 million units, more than 60% of the industry sales total, Honda has been the best-selling motorcycle brand in Thailand for 21 consecutive years. Due to the added comfort and ease-of-operation, the overall sales of AT models has been growing in Thailand, accounting for approximately 710,000 units, or approximately half of the market size in 2009.

With the introduction of the Wave110i AT, an AT model of the already popular Wave110i, Honda will further enhance its product lineup to meet the diversifying customer needs. Moreover, Honda is planning to install Honda's programmed fuel injection system (PGM-FI) to all models sold in Thailand by the end of 2010."


Man, when will we get to see this in Malaysia?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Modenas CT100 Technical Specification

Modenas CT100

Type 4-stroke single cylinder SOHC
Bore X Stroke 50.0 x49.5 mm
Displacement 97.2 cc
Compression Ratio 9
Carburetor SPACO AV18P-9006
Ignition System MAGNETO to CDi
Starting System Kick and Eletric Starter
Cooling System Air cooled
Lubrication Forced Lubrication Wet
Clutch Centrifugal
Primary Reduction Ratio 4.058
Final Reduction Ratio 2.71
Driving System Chain
Type Pipe backbone
Front Suspension Telescopic fork
Rear Suspension Trailing swing arm suspension
Front Brake Drum 110 mm
Rear Brake
Fuel Tank Capacity
Drum 110 mm
Electrical System
Battery 12V 5Ah

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Modenas CT100: CT110's Smaller Brother

Modenas CT100 pictures

Modenas CT 100 price is RM3398 without insurance and roadtax for electric starter! This bike is different than the previous one that is Modenas CT110.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Alcey135: Online Store for Yamaha 135LC in Malaysia

Alcey 135

There is one more online store other than my store that sells parts for Yamaha underbone bikes. Some of the parts are quite rare and not available at my store.

Get to it here:

January 2010 Yamaha Motorcycle Price List

Yamaha Logo

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z (Kick) RM4288

Yamaha Lagenda 110Z (Starter) RM4888

Yamaha Lagenda 110ZR RM5100

Yamaha Ego S RM4620

Yamaha Nouvo S 115 RM5190

Yamaha Nouvo LC 135 RM5750

Yamaha 135LC (Auto Clutch) RM6600

Yamaha 135LC ES RM6900

Yamaha 125Z RM7150

Yamaha RX-Z 135 RM7500

Yamaha FZ-150i RM7800

All the prices here are without tax and insurance. Valid at Selangor only.


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