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Saturday, December 12, 2009

2010 Yamaha Indonesia Moped Bike Lineup

Yamaha Vega ZR 110

Yamaha Vega R 110

Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 with Hand Clutch

Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 Auto Clutch

Yamaha Jupiter Z 110
Yamaha Jupiter ZR 110

2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc

It is nice to see the Yamaha moped bike models from other countries beside the one that we always see here in Malaysia. The base body is the same , the difference can be seen on the coverset and the design each of the bike have.
I post it here because it is very slow for me to access Yamaha Indonesia website to look for its models. Maybe there is too much traffic at that time since the Indonesian just got their new Jupiter Z 115.
Anyway, for more info, get to:

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