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Thursday, December 31, 2009

We have moved to

Readers, we have moved to our new self hosted website that is at This blogspot has been a very good platform for us to introduce MotoMalaya to the world and it has help us in many ways that we never imagine it could do. Some might say, it is just another free blog hosting space, but for us, it is the best ever made. Yeah, we do have problems sometime or another using the blogspot and that's normal since nothing is perfect. We have been a great partner since March 2007 and now to the year of 2010.
We are moving not because we don't like blogspot, we are moving because we want to show that we have the money to buy our own hosting :-).

Again, this is our new home:

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Racing Boy 2010 Sports Rim Models (Black)

SP599 Racing Boy Sports Rim Front (Black)

SP599 Racing Boy Sports Rim Rear (Black)

SP577 Racing Boy Sports Rim Front (Black)

SP577 Racing Boy Sports Rim Rear (Black)

Racing Boy 2010 Sports Rim Models (White)

SP599 Racing Boy Sports Rim Front (White)

SP599 Racing Boy Sports Rim Rear (White)

SP577 Racing Boy Sports Rim Front (White)

SP577 Racing Boy Sports Rim Rear (White)

Racing Boy Website is Now Live!

Racing Boy Website

After a while of shutting down their website due to upgrading to newer interface, it is now live!
So, stop reading and head on to

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Malaysia's Latest Plate Number / Nombor Plat Terkini

Malaysia's Latest Plate Number

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Racing Bee Racing Booster for Yamaha 135LC

Racing Bee Racing Booster for Yamaha 135LC

This item is used to boost ignition power from the coil to deliver it to the spark plug. The more spark power that you get, in theory, the better the combustion will be in the combustion chamber.
Anyway, in some cases, the are reported problem that the piston has been leaked in the middle due to very powerful spark from the spark plug.
Use with caution.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

FCCi Racing Stroker Kit for Yamaha 125Z

FCCi Racing Stroker Kit for Yamaha 125Z

Using this stroker kit for your Yamaha 125Z will increase the stroke of your bike. Increased stroke are good for torque, but not for high RPM speed.
Made in Thailand and used in many 125Z here in Malaysia. Quality is high.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Yamaha DT125 Connecting Rod Kit

Yamaha DT125 Connecting Rod Kit
Yamaha 125Z have connecting rod length 110mm, this one have 100mm length. You can use this conrod to your Y125Z if you want to use a higher deck height piston.

Faito 15T-37T 415 Racing Roller Chain for Yamaha RX-Z

Faito 15T-37T 415 Racing Roller Chain for Yamaha RX-Z

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CMS Hi-Way Racing Gear Box for Yamaha 135LC Auto Clutch

CMS Hi-Way Racing Gear Box for Yamaha 135LC
(shaft is hot stamped 'CMS')

CMS Hi-Way Racing Gear Box for Yamaha 135LC
(look for another hot stamp 'CMS' on the gear)

CMS Hi-Way Racing Gear Box for Yamaha 135LC

CMS Hi-Way Racing Gear Box for Yamaha 135LC Box Label Info

There are many racing gearbox available from many brands such as UMA, Faito and this one, CMS.
CMS is made in Indonesia. It is high in quality and this is not just a statement, but already proven by users who are satisfied with this item. One more factor that relate to the quality of this item is that there are low return rate of this product for defect at my supplier's shop.
Be careful when choosing the gearbox for your Yamaha 135LC since the gear shaft for hand clutch and auto clutch have different length, where the auto clutch is longer.
Great to try, high quality, recommended and worth the money.
Drive safely though.

Price about MYR600.

Item is available for sale here:

Sunday, December 13, 2009

FAG High Speed Engine Bearing for Yamaha 135LC

FAG High Speed Engine Bearing for Yamaha 135LC

The price about MYR100 per piece. Very expensive I must say. Good thing is not cheap, and cheap thing is not good. That is very true.
This FAG 6305TB.P63 high speed engine bearing is very recommended if you want to get smooth running engine with good power delivery.
I have used two pieces of FAG high speed engine bearing for my Yamaha RX-Z and the results were good and beyond my prediction. Before this, I have used 15T-40T 428 sprocket set for Yamaha RX-Z. My bike has been less pickup and not good at low RPM. But when I use the FAG high speed bearing, I can use 15T-37T 415 sprocket and the power are good from low to mid to high RPM.
Great product, highly recommended and worth the money!

Item is available for sale here:

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SKF Enduro High Speed Bearing for Yamaha 125Z/R

RS 18-pieces Screwdriver Set

RS 18-pieces Screwdriver Set

There is one believe that one screwdriver fits all. They are wrong!
Using a non-suitable screwdriver will make more pressure is needed to turn the screw, this in case make the screwdriver sometimes slips away from the screw head. When this happens, the screw head can be damaged and sometimes up to a point where it can't be used anymore. This is bad if you original screw set that comes with the bikes. I have once tried to buy original screw for my Yamaha 125Z and it cost me about RM3.oo (USD0.90) per piece!
In the above picture, it is shown a 18-pieces screwdriver set RS brand tool. The Mikuni Super Tuning Manual shown there is printed on A4 paper to give you the idea of the size of the tool set.
Even though I have 18-pieces of the screwdriver, I think I need more than that, maybe another 30 pieces of it with different. Maybe that is just pure indulgence of tools.

For more info, head to:

Saturday, December 12, 2009

2010 Yamaha Indonesia Moped Bike Lineup

Yamaha Vega ZR 110

Yamaha Vega R 110

Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 with Hand Clutch

Yamaha Jupiter MX 135 Auto Clutch

Yamaha Jupiter Z 110
Yamaha Jupiter ZR 110

2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc

It is nice to see the Yamaha moped bike models from other countries beside the one that we always see here in Malaysia. The base body is the same , the difference can be seen on the coverset and the design each of the bike have.
I post it here because it is very slow for me to access Yamaha Indonesia website to look for its models. Maybe there is too much traffic at that time since the Indonesian just got their new Jupiter Z 115.
Anyway, for more info, get to:

Yamaha Thailand No Cut-Off CDI Unit for Yamaha 135LC

Yamaha Thailand No Cut-Off CDI for 135LC

My friend Shah has sent me a new addition to the already many variation of Yamaha 135LC CDI. This one is sourced from Yamaha Thailand which have one special feature that we don't have in Malaysia, that is no cut-off. I'm not sure whether this one is referred to RPM limit cut-off or speed limit cut-off.
Based on Shah's interview with the mechanic at the supplier shop, it is said that this CDI from Thailand is much better compared to BRT and Rextor from Indonesia. Also, I'm not sure about this. By better, it means that the ignition spark and timing are good all around the RPM.
I have spoken to the mechanic who work at Malaysian Cub Prix about racing CDI and he replied to me that he only use original stock Yamaha CDI unit, but, tuned at Hong Leong Yamaha for each and every track for the suitable ignition timings and ignition sparks. Therefore, I do really think that this Yamaha CDI unit from Thailand is as good as told by the mechanic which my friend has interviewed.
Final opinion is up to you to try it yourself. Don't just take my words for it, buy it, feel it and share it here for all of us to know.

Item is available for sale here:

Honda Ape Type D 50cc with 5-speed Gear!

Honda Ape Type D 50cc

While I was browsing at Honda worldwide website to look for Honda CB Twister as featured in Paul Tan's blog, I encountered this interesting bike named Ape.
It is a very interesting bike since it is a 4-stroke 50cc engine with 5-speed transmission, front and rear disc brake, full aluminum cast wheels and PGM-FI fuel delivery system!
This must be the most fuel efficient bike ever and the most advanced 50cc bike.
The tag line for the bike is also interesting: My Style, My Ape.
Ape is also available in 100cc version.
For more info, read the original post here (with translation by Google):

2010 Honda CB Twister 110cc

2010 Honda CB Twister 110cc

Honda has launched CB Twister 110cc to be marketed next year on January February 2010 in India.
Honda CB Twister target the young with stylish design adopted from large European super-bikes. This combination creates a low maintainance, high fuel efficiency and cutting-edge looks.
Low maintainance is achieved by using a low displacement cylinder with naked design that makes engine access is easy.
High fuel efficient is contributed by the application of low-friction 4-stroke cylinder and also by the low displacement inherent of the bike.
For more info, read it from original source(with Google Translate):

Friday, December 11, 2009

2010 Yamaha Indonesia Automatic Bike Lineup

Yamaha Mio CW Indonesia

Yamaha Mio Indonesia

Yamaha Mio Soul Indonesia

There are a lot of things happening now at Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia for Yamaha. In Malaysia we also see new models being launched from the national motorcycle manufacturer that is Modenas GT128 and Modenas CT110. Both models have their own pros and cons.
While browsing to Yamaha Indonesia website, I notice that there are many nice decals and bike models that are not available here in Malaysia. One thing that I notice that the Indonesian didn't get the Nouvo LC135, which we already have long time ago. So, we in Malaysia also have some specialty provided Hong Leong Yamaha.
Here is three automatic bike models for you guys to check out.
For more info, get to:

Lorenzo and 2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc on Yamaha Indonesia website

Lorenzo and Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc

Yamaha Indonesia has just updated their website to include the new Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc with Jorge Lorenzo in their bike lineup for this coming 2010.
I'm guessing this is going to be one of the highest selling bike in Indonesia or anywhere it is being marketed.
For more info, get to:

Thursday, December 10, 2009

2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc Indonesia Brochure

Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc brochure page 1
(very high resolution, click to enlarge)

Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc brochure page 2
(very high resolution, click to enlarge)

My friend in Indonesia, Haen, have sent me this brochure of the 2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc that is available on 22th November in Indonesia. The design of this bike is quite futuristic and out of conventional mind of what moped bike should be. Yamaha always have the design that is radical but still acceptable to all sort of people.
One of the most important design changes is the key slot. It is different than what we have seen in any other bikes. For better picture, find it in the page 2 of the brochure.
Indonesia got the new Jupiter Z 115cc, Vietnam got their Lexam and Thailand got the Fino, what about Malaysia?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z Now Available... in Indonesia

2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc

The guys in Indonesia are now a happy person since they just got the new 2010 Yamaha Jupiter Z 115cc (in Malaysia, we have the previous model, Yamaha Lagenda Z 110) launched on 22th November recently.
Yamaha also sponsored an event for a 20-day bike test drive around Indonesia to capture the audience from all over the country.
Initial review of the bike shows that this bike is very nice in terms of power and also in terms of design which beats its competitor from Honda and Suzuki.
I personally like this bike since it happens big front headlight that looks like YZF-R6 that can contribute better night driving with the wide spread light beam. Safety can also be improved with this features.

For more info, read the original post here:

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Yamaha Spark 135LC Modification

Yamaha Spark 135 gold color dominant

Yamaha Spark 135 yellow color dominant

Picture Source =
Just got this to share with you all. If you happened to be the original author of this post and don't like this post on my blog, please leave an email to me at mohdwahidi(a) for me to remove this post.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yamaha 135LC Mod Version


Silver Yamaha 135LC


Blue Yamaha 135LC Modification


Pink and Black Yamaha 135LC Modification


Gold and White Yamaha 135LC Modification


White and Orange Yamaha 135LC Thailand Modification


White and Black Yamaha 135LC Modification


Orange and Yellow Yamaha 135LC Modification

Just got this to share with you all. If you happened to be the original author of this post and don't like this post on my blog, please leave an email to me at mohdwahidi(a) for me to remove this post.

Yamaha R15 Expert Bike Review

The Yamaha R15 is just the right bike for the most horrendous of riders amongst us to hit the racetrack and learn how to ride fast. It's so technologically advanced, so technically correct, so confidence inspiring, so smooth in its power delivery, so planted with its vice-like grip around corners and so stable with the Deltabox frame working its magic all through that even the clumsiest of riders; the ones who are so slow that they're considering committing suicide; will get hope once they ride it.

All the components of the Yamaha R15 work in harmonious unison and right from the time you get astride the bike, it feels 'just right'. The footpeg-bar-saddle geometry, the height of the handlebar, the feel of the clutch and brake levers; this bike is extraordinarily well put together in every perceptible way. It's sporty but not uncomfortably so, revvy but not torquelessly so, small and light but not powerlessly so and its suspension is tuned for great dynamics but not stiffly so. Full points to Yamaha boffins for bringing out the most uncompromising track oriented motorcycle without trading off any of the virtues that a street rider desires.

On the track, all it would take for even the most inexperienced rider to find the humongous difference between the R15 and the rest of the bikes is one lap. The new Yamaha is leaps and bounds ahead of its competition; it's like chalk and cheese, if I maybe allowed to be a little cliched. Turn the ignition on and the engine emanates the most refined and revvy hums you have ever heard from a 150cc bike. Slot it in the first gear, and you'll realize the gearbox works like nothing else; butter-smooth with loads of feedback. The gear ratios are terrifically well sorted out, delivering loads of punch to accelerate hard from low speeds and to deliver the grunt to keep accelerating after reaching the triple digit figures.

Around the MMSC racetrack, the Yamaha R15 was the only bike of the quartet to have a perfectly perfect gear for every corner. All other bikes feel as if they are over or under-revving at some or the other corner, but on the Yamaha R15 you have a gear that enables you to power out without the limiter cutting in too soon or the low revs urging you to shift down.

Apart from the smooth revving, punchy engine and an equally brilliant gearbox, Yamaha R15 also has the best underpinnings to qualify as the niftiest handler around the circuit. If putting your knee down is something that you have been dreaming of ever since you learnt how to spell BIKE and have been failing to achieve the feat till date, just take this bike around the racetrack. Like an angel, the R15 will have your wish granted in no time. You're more of a SWAT commando than a rider aboard this Yamaha.

Just point and shoot, and another corner goes down - the Yamaha R15 really makes it that simple. The beauty of it all is that the bike never scares you as you try to go faster. It always lets you know that you could do better, improving you as a rider with every lap unlike some other bikes which would scare you to death every time you tried to take them to their limit. Supremely accomplished and incredibly effortless, the Yamaha R15 is a class act and it'll take a Herculean effort from any manufacturer to match it; in its class at least.

Article Source:


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