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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yamaha 125Z 1st Model CDI (1999-2001)

The 1st Yamaha 125Z CDI 1999-2001 model carries the Yamaha logo

Yamaha 125Z CDI 1st Model

It is said that this 1st model CDI doesn't have RPM cut off

Top speed for the 1st model Yamaha 125Z is 180km/h without modification

Q:How to know if your Yamaha 125Z is really 1st model if you bought it secondhand?

A: There are some things that can be look for: 1.The year of Yamaha 125Z 1st model is 1999-2001. This can be checked from the JPJ grant. 2. The block is Y1. 3. The CDI carries the Yamaha tuning fork logo. 4. The meter is much heavier (110km/h on 1st model is equal to 140km/h on the rest of 125Z model). 5. The maximum speed is 180km/h without any modification.

It is said that 1st model 125Z is just a mass prototype to test the market for this kind of bike by Yamaha. After the initial release, it is found that this bike is very light and very fast. This can be seen by the application of two-piston caliper for the rear and front brakes. I guess the drum brakes just won't do the job well. What Yamaha did next for the second model is to limit the speed of the bike to 150km/h only. The CDI also have been vendored to third-party company, hence no more Yamaha tuning fork logo on it.
This is as far as I know about Yamaha 125Z 1st model, if you know more, share it with us if you care. If not, just keep reading and complaining about this blog and any other blogs.


Eydin said...

max 125

granulaz said...

i own 1. it's true all above.
but is the meter is that heavy?
another thing. early model sport rim have been made by enkei. there's written on the sport rim.

eddy said...

yeah granulaz. the meter is still hypothetical, but i hv heard a lot about 1st model being heavy. earlier sport rim is 3-spoke with Enkei written on it. It is said this sport rim is much durable compared to the original one made by Yamaha. By durable I mean it endure a who lot more bump and stress from the pothole on the road.

ali karimi said...

ask for help..were can i find it the truly C.D.I unit the same inside ur picture??
so many time i try ask spare part shop in alor setar...they say tarak jual..ada jual magneto saja..

eddy said...

this is not available for sale separately. it came with the 1st model bike. you can opt for aftermarket racing CDI which is also good one to try.

ali karimi said...

thank for opinion..
i still prefer the first.. no 1st still the best..if you have one..hope u can sells to wishes!

Nizam said...

ada juai ka?

pejal said...

ade jual la cdi 1st model tue..
kt yamaha hong leong KL..

keri said...

Dude, I am just absolutely agree with you.
1st model 125z ngan SS 2 racing spirit memang legend, sume orang cari.
moto skarang jual yang baru makin mahal, kualiti kurang.
tengok sport rim, dlu brand enkei beb, skang cap ayam je.
pasa performance mmg xyah cakap, 125 ngan SS 2 first model memang mntap gile.
kalu kat ganu memang org nk sgt 125z ngan SS2 yg plet number TAA dan kebawah.

kermit said...

if i installed 1st edition CDI on my 125ZR (year 2009), do i need change or modified anything (eg: carb, block, and head) on my bike???

eddy said...

@kermit no need

idealisgampang said...

Hello Eddy and guys,

I'm glad I found this blog where people discuss about 125z with tremendous passion.

I hope I can chip in the discussion but my knowledge about 125Z is too little to be proud of. Therefore I would like to begin with asking question.

I would like to buy a 125Z of first model registered on year 2001. The owner would like to sell it at a very reasonable price.

I asked my younger brother who is much more knowledgeable than me but unfortunately he is skeptical with my idea.

He said that it difficult nowadays to find a fine two-strokes secondhand motorcycles. Normally their engines has been modified or altered in some ways.

So my question is: do you recommend me to buy the 125Z and if so, do you have any tips on how to identify a good second hand 125Z? If let say, something has been done to that motorcycle and because of that it broke down afterward, does it cost a lot of money to make it 'standard' again?

That's all I want to know. I hope my questions would benefit a lot of people out that especially who always admire the beauty of the machine but posses zero technical knowledge like me. ;-)

It would be much appreciated.

Thanks you very much.

eddy said...

@idealisgampang read here for more info about 125Z

idealisgampang said...

Thanks Eddy,

Actually I have read all the postings about 125Z.

But I didn't think they answered my questions as I stated above.

I hope anybody who has experience buying a secondhand first model 125z can share some info.

BTW, thanks.

wang said...

guys, i just brought 125ZR but the max top speed only only at 140km/h. Need your help on the top speed to reach 180km/h as per 1st model 125Z.
What sure i do ?

House Of Adelia said...

aku pun ada pakai 125z thn 2001,cdi yg asal speed 180km/h mmg btl..

boy94 said...

skang mane nk cari cdi cnni?

uha said...

Mane nak cari cdi cmni?sesiapa ad nk jual cdi2001


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