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Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Bike: Suzuki Belang R150

Suzuki Belang R150

Suzuki Malaysia has just recently launched a new bike named Belang R150. This bike has almost the same spec as Suzuki Raider R150 in Indonesia and Philippines.
Suzuki Belang R150 has a very good spec in its sleeves. It is equipped with rear and front disc brake, 6-speed transmission, digital speedometer, monoshock rear suspension and also electric starter!
With 150cc planted to a small underbone body like Honda Hurricane/Nova, this bike have a high power to weight ratio. This make acceleration much better and also much improved braking. Most importantly here in Malaysia, it will make riding in traffic jam so much easy when we can easily navigate the bike through the narrow space on the road.
Price is RM7570.
For complete info and specs, hit the link here

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How To Really Tune 2-stroke Motorcycle Carburetor

Ian Williams Australia Mikuni Carb Tuning Info Page

If you all still remember, I'm still in the process of setting up my Mikuni carb that comes standard with my secondhand 125Z.
Ian Williams here provide a very good details about on how to tune Mikuni carb and I mean really really good details about tuning the carb. Have a read here and I guarantee you will spend your next 2 hours trying to understand what the heck Ian Williams is trying to tell you.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shell Advance Yamaha Maju Motor Malaysian Cub Prix Race Bike

The line-up for Shell Advance Yamaha Maju Motor Malaysian Cub Prix 2-stroke Bike

Uma Racing caliper fitted

This one is Yamaha 125Z but the exhaust pipe is gone

Yamaha 125Z Race Version

Looks mean in red and white

The other Yamaha 125Z race version with red AHM muffler fitted

Yamaha SS for the Shell Advance Yamaha Maju Motor Team

Racing Boy Oversize Disc Plate

Gold AHM Muffler for this Yamaha SS

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yamaha 125Z Under Surgery

Yamaha 125Z Under Surgery

All the coverset has been stripped down

The frame chassis teribbly needs a paint because of the rust at the battery box

All of the parts are still original

Notice the Yamaha RX-Z at the background that belongs to my mechanic

Friday, April 10, 2009

Yamaha and PETRONAS are now PETRONAS Fiat Yamaha Team

Fiat Yamaha Team 2009 with PETRONAS branding

Fiat Yamaha Team has got their new member of the sponsor that is PETRONAS. The new liveries (decals and stripe) are going to be launch at Qatar on 10th April (Qatar time) as the team will test drive their bike for qualification. Watch it out!
Read more here

Thursday, April 9, 2009

NGK Spark Plug Reference Model Number for Yamaha

NGK Spark Plug Reference Model Number for Yamaha

I'm now busy setting up my Yamaha 125Z to get the best out of the engine. I need to change the spark plug since I'm about to tune the carburetor, so I went to the workshop to get the spark plug for the Yamaha 125Z. The shop gave me BP8ES which is the same as the one fitted to my Yamaha RX-Z. Immediately, I opened up my Yamaha 125Z spark plug and stupefied to found out that the spark plug from the engine is BP5ES. Did the shop give me wrong spark plug model? Or is the previous owner use the wrong spark plug for the bike?
To clear things up, I googled the information about it and found that NGK Malaysia provide the best information that I am looking for. So, here it is.
Now, I know the correct NGK spark plug for my Yamaha 125Z is B8ES.
Hmm, what is the difference between BP5ES, BP8ES and B8ES?
-click the link.
Does BP5ES, BP8ES and B8ES fits well to Yamaha 125Z?
So, we can use all those plug to Yamaha 125Z?
-No. Use B8ES.
But, I use BP8ES / BP5ES to my Yamaha 125Z and it is ok and running.
-Yes, you can use it to your bike if you want to. I don't care.

1981 Kawasaki AR80

Kawasaki AR80

The sports rim here cost about RM2-3k in Malaysia market. This item is very rare. It fits well to Yamaha RX-Z 135 and looks nice too.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

India's Yamaha FZ-16: Why Not in Malaysia?

India's Yamaha FZ-16

This bike is only 150cc and it is not for sale here in Malaysia! FZ-16 have a very good specs such as monoshock rear suspension and digital LCD speedometer.

Digital LCD Speedometer

This thing keeps me thinking why didn't we get this in Malaysia?
Hit the link for more info.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yamaha RX-Z Standard Look with Racing Spec Modification

Yamaha RX-Z Racing Modification with Standard Look
(Standard Modified?)

This RX-Z belongs to my mechanics who are now busy restoring the Yamaha 125Z that I have bought earlier last month. This bike is not for everyday use and used only on track. If you see this bike anywhere, beware as this bike can go 180km/h at 4th gear. You can imagine the rest. I'm against racing illegally on the public road. Please be careful and race on track only. Remember your loved ones.

Modification data:
CDI Race Spec Racing Bee
Stock ignition coil 1st model
Sprocket 16-35T
2.25 17" front, 2.50 17" rear tyre
Stock gear, previously fitted with racing gearbox but not good for sprint
Racing Bee racing clutch with stock clutch spring
Yamaha RX-K 1.25 piston with Racing Bee conrod
Top speed: >200km/h, maybe 240km/h as the meter can't read after 180km/h.
Note: Race on track and NEVER on public road!

All the pictures here is high resolution, so, click to enlarge!

FAG C3 Engine Bearing

Keihin PWK 36mm

Original block has been rebored to 1.25

Original Yamaha RX-Z 5-speed Speedometer for accurate speed reading

Worth mentioning: This signal is even original Yamaha RX-Z 5-speed by Imasen

Original single-piston caliper with the original disc plate

Alloy rims by COM*

YYPang RX-Z HR Racing Exhaust Pipe

Y-1: The original block for 5-speed RX-Z

The right side view of the Keihin PWK 36mm

Sunday, April 5, 2009

How To Read Motorcycle Tyre Size?

Motorcycle Tyre Size

What does the number means?

70/90: 2.50-2.75 width and height
80/90: 2.75-3.00 width and height
17: rim size for the tyre to fit in
38P, 44P: tyre load index (the higher the number, the bigger the load)
(TL): tubeless type tyre

Hope that helps!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Modified Yamaha 135LC from Indonesia by Andrey Philipus

Modified Yamaha 135LC / Jupiter MX from Indonesia by Andrey Philipus

Just a while ago, Andrey Philipus send me these pictures with some details of the modification. Many thanks for the submission and sharing the very special mods.

Modification data:
Rim: MGV
Tyres: Swallow Sea Hawk 100/70-17 (front) & 120/70-17 (rear)
Rear brake set: Suzuki 120cc (Nissin)
Front disc brake: LHK
Front caliper: Nissin 4 Pistons
Front Shock: LHK Upside Down
Swing arm: Custom
Sprocket set: Sinnob
Exhaust system: Hung
Clutch and Brake lever: PSM
Body kit: Custom with original Lagenda Z headlamp + Yamaha Ego S steering

High resolution pictures is included, so, click to enlarge!

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Apple Racing Gasket for 60mm Yamaha LC135 Block

Apple Racing Gasket for 60mm Yamaha LC135 Block

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Racing Boy 4-piston Caliper and Bracket

Racing Boy 4-piston Caliper and Bracket


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