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Monday, November 24, 2008

Yamaha Vega-R DB from Indonesia: New Lagenda for Malaysia?

Yamaha Vega-R DB

Yamaha Jupiter Z or Yamaha Lagenda in Malaysia

I have stumble upon these images when I browse to official Yamaha Motor Indonesia website. At first, I thought Yamaha Vega-R DB is Yamaha Jupiter Z/Lagenda, but it isn't.
So, I compare the Yamaha Vega-R DB with Yamaha Jupiter Z specification and found out that it share the same cylinder size (cc), same body and same suspension setup. I'm guessing this Yamaha Vega-R DB is the another facelift (or bodylift?) version of Yamaha Jupiter Z. Here in Malaysia, we already have Yamaha Lagenda, Yamaha Lagenda Z and the latest version of it that is Yamaha Lagenda ZR.
The differences between Yamaha Vega-R DB and Yamaha Jupiter Z can be seen on the front head lamp and new fairing design.
If my guess is correct, then we'll have new version of Yamaha Lagenda in the next few months.
Official Yamaha Motor Indonesia can be accessed here.


Eric said...

This bike i think it is from Vietnam. First appearance in (about) 2004 maybe 2005. Its name is Sirius.

This bike uses same machine and chassic with Jupiter 110 or Lagenda 110 but cheaper at least 1/3 the price. Of cource, it is not as good (and nice) as the Jupiter or Lagenda ones.

Find out yourself at

@Eric Le +84909646408 ^^

teknik-otomotif said...

thanks for your info


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