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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Inside Yamaha Nuovo Elegance / Nuovo LC

Magneto configuration


Piston, bearing and crankshaft

Cylinder head and valve

Cylinder block

Yamaha Nuovo LC in Malaysia is also known as Nuovo Elegance in Thailand. Thais get their Elegance long before we got it here in Malaysia that is on February 2008 (we got in August). At first I thought the engine configuration is the same with Yamaha LC135, but it is not. It can be seen with the 2-valve system for Nuovo LC, where there is 4-valve system for LC135.
There is a lot more picture can be seen here.


Remko said...


I am a fairly new to these motorbikes, i am an expat living in Vietnam and have bought last year a Yamaha Nouvo Elegance 135 automatic scooter, i tried many different models, but this one seemed the most stable, cool looks and decent speed. I used to own a 750cc superbike in the Netherlands (yzf750r) and some other yamaha superbikes before that. I would like to tune the engine or increase its power a little bit, in the Netherlands when i was younger you could buy all sorts of stuff for doing this, but i cannot find anything here, nor the knowledge seems to be lacking here in Vietnam. I brought my Nouvo to the shop here and explained what i wanted. As i understood they had increased the nozzle or some other throughput of the carburetor and it was meant to make it faster. In fact it is now running from top speed 100 to 80km/h and has a poorer acceleration... I would like to get some advice on what to do exactly to tune it, or even better where to purchase parts, such as a slightly bigger cylinder, carburetor or whatever you need to do make this scooter, accelerate faster (top speed does not matter that much). Comments and or buying ideas highly appreciated. Ps. i dont want to screw up my motor, but a bit faster would make me happy. Thank You. Terimah Kasih Banyak...

eddy said...

Hello Remko,
You can change the camshaft to higher setup, change the CDI to BRT CDI to release the revs limit and change the pilot jet and main jet. If you want to buy these items, email me: mohdwahidi(at)gmail(dot)com

ahmad haziq said...

salam...boleh x ekzos nob1 triovale masuk kat nouvo s...pickup ngan top speed naik x?????brape harge ekzos ni?????camne nak bwat nouvo s lg power???

Hazwan said...

hello eddy,
how much the cost to do what you had explain to increase the speed..?
then how it does really works after those have been done?


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