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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yamaha New Bike in Malaysia: Nouvo LC!

New design of black Nouvo LC

Silver blue new Nouvo LC

A lot of Nouvo LC at the launching event

Silver black new Nouvo LC

Yamaha has just updated the long due Nouvo starting with Nouvo S and then the latest one that is Nouvo LC. Nouvo LC is launched on 18th August 2008. As the name suggest, this mean that new Nouvo LC is being equipped with Liquid Cooling. Liquid cooling is a good addition to the bike since it can give cooler engine in time of traffic jam or in long distance journey. When Nouvo commuter stuck in dense traffic jam, the airflow to the engine is restricted due to slow ride of the bike. Slow ride means slow airflow. Liquid cooling can solve this problem because it contain fan(s) (like the CPU fan in computer) to cool down the liquid from the radiator and then cools the engine. The engine also has been upgraded to 135cc with is the same displacement with Yamaha LC135.

The face (headlamp) has been redesigned with sharper edges, much better than bulky ones used in Ego S. The rims are also new style with new color(white) where the old one use black. This rim is also nice to look at. (Be careful guys as this rim might be the new target for theft). The seat is also being replaced with two-tone color. For black bike, you will get a nice black-red tone but for the other colors, just look at the picture.

Price for Nouvo LC is around RM6,028.

For more information, surf up to: that is the official Yamaha website for Malaysia. Download the PDF version here.


arefief007 said...

bro, muto ni gear die automatik ke tak?

eddy said...


boedkun said...

its NOUVO.. not NUOVO

Melor said...

do u have the view of the back side?


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