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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rumors: LC 135 with Fuel Injection Coming to Malaysia?

Yamaha is known for their innovation and their radical ideas presented on their bikes especially for the underbone bike such as the popular LC 135. This bike has its own aura since it is the only bike in underbone category that is equipped with 135cc engine. In this world of rising fuel prices, LC 135 really makes sense with the performance it can offer from the big engine and fuel economy from its 4-stroke type of engine. If you are looking to get the best bike that offers both, I think there is no other than LC 135 that can beat this.

Rumors have been talked a lot in many forums that I have read that says that there will be a new model of LC 135 with manual clutch and also fuel injection! I think this can be true because the LC 135 ES is long due. The stripe and design haven't yet been refreshed and updated until now. We know that Yamaha likes to change their model a bit by bit until they get a really perfect bike. This is proven with the RX-Z. RX-Z has started from the previous model of RX-S 115, and at that time it is only 5-speed transmission. The design of the exhaust pipe is still old school where Yamaha designed a straight type exhaust without a resonance chamber. Fast forward to 2006, we can see RX-Z have changed into a new menacing beast with a heart for environment where we can see catalyst equipped exhaust, 6-speed transmission, new design for head and tail lamp, better clutch design and many more changes from the previous RX-Z model that was launched in 1980.

So, is LC 135 ES with fuel injection coming to Malaysia? Probably yes. Let us look in terms of the design of the engine. LC 135 and Yamaha's fuel injected bike, FZ-150i, share the same engine design. It is made from same cast and also they both used DiAsil cylinder. The differences can be seen only in the engine block component where LC 135 is made to handle 134.7cc of engine block and FZ-150i is made to handle 147.0cc engine block. So, in terms of placement of the fuel injectors to replace the carburetor, it is no problem since Yamaha can just borrow the fuel injector design from FZ-150i to be fitted to LC 135.

Then, what happens if this is true? Well, the LC 135 will have a more accurate fuel and air mixture. This will reflect to better combustion so, there will be less smoke, more power and better fuel economy! Also fuel injection engine will give a better throttle response to the biker since it is electronically controlled (means that there is ECU). You can also do your fuel mapping by your own if you can change the ECU to a custom ECU. Woahhaa, there is a lot of possibilities waiting for us if this can be true.

Well, what can we conclude? We hope this can be true. And if this is possible and true, we will have a new bike named Yamaha LC 135i ES.

Here is the Yamaha Spark 135i for Thailand market with fuel injection.

UPDATE (05/03/2010): The bike is not coming to Malaysia as far as I know. Maybe some other day...

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