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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Illegal Yamaha 125Z Racing Bike

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Hope they will forgive me!

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What was modded on that bike...?
block and piston
- Original Yamaha 125zR block.
- Bored tu 57mm using DT125(enduro) RK brand piston.
- Ported and polish the block.

Engine head
- OEM header.
- Skimmed the header and polished it.

- Standard Y125z manual clutch system.
- Original Yamaha friction plate.
- GT Racing clutch springs.

Actually that bike got 2 carburetor unit.
- Carb Mikuni for Suzuki Panther 150. [Main jet 300, pilot 28.5]
- Keihin PWK 28mm. Ported to 30mm. [unknown]
- paired with FCCi Racing reed valve.

- Fully Standard. Even the CDi is standard.

- BM Power + YY Pang exhaust manifold + custom made end can silencer.

- Standard OEM front and rear suspension system.

Final drive
- Using 15/34 MCS sprocket setup with TP Racing 415 chain.

- COM* 17x1.4 alloy rims with hi-polish 125z hubs.
- Camel 50/90 tyre. very2 kecik punya tayar.

- Standard front disc brake system.
- Rear disc brake system was removed due to no use of using it.


- None. This bike was staying in the house all the time except when it was needed on the road.

Which shop do all this ?
- my friend's house. Of coz la this is his bike.

How fast can it go ?

- 180km/h on 4th gear. after that cant calculate due to meter limit is only at 180km/h.
- 16sec for a kilometer.

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rem said...

how many races won by using this bike? huhu.respect ah,nice mod

Halole said...

i don't know. you need the read the original source of the article. IMHO, i think a lot of race is won.

FiQ_x said...

i use y125z..i jus wanna make it a little bit fast..boleh makan rxz sudah la...but without touch block(mengusik block moto,jus kai standart jerk block)..
apa yg perlu wat ek??
tolong beri nasihat..

-fresh border-

Razi said...

Salam bro..

Aku nak tolak Performance Carburator Mikuni TM Flatside. Ukur lilit antara 34 ke 36mm aku tak sure tak ingat. Berminat email kt aku

Anonymous said...

dekat sarawak SS2 dapat cecah 235KM/j
135LC kat sarawak dapat main 125z...
LC tu cc die 210cc...entah apa mende dia orang ltk dalam LC tu

Bro said...

kalo ko xnk usik block susah kate ko cari block len je jgn gune yg ori.ko adjust block ckit je n tkr spoket mmg leh mkn la stkt rxz..

york said...

apa part motor yang perlu di tukar untuk menjadikan motor power kuasa enjin dan apa nama part dan motor yang nak di ubah suai ialah y125z

york said...

bahagian enjin apa yang nak di ubahsuai dan di install dengan part apa,coz motor masih original belum di ubahsuai lagi

sayrool said...

125z kome parak gler minyak,kalo nk tuning kasi jimat ckit cmne bro?

CheeseCake said...

No offend bro but 180km/h on 4th gear is impossible based on your mods. Again it is impossible to go 180km/h on 4th gear based on your mods.

If u said 5th gear at 180km/h then i believe. 5th gear can go even faster than 180km/h.

But if 4th gear happen to go until 180km/h on your bike, then it must be something with your speedo.


eddy said...

Why not, CheeseCake?

Kishan said...

hi chesecake,
no offend too, but i own a 125z as well, and modification few years back while i was in kolej, used RX-Z carberator, with LC piton, one piston ring, sprocket 14/35, and my 4th gear was hitting the 180km/h already, and can easily exceed 200km/h when using 5th & 6th gear, i tried with RR & RX-Z & is possible, when i ride, i use only upto 5h gear, 6th gear is too fast already bro, so yes, it is posible bro....and the feeling is wow!laju!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fox said...

lau moto kita nak sdap boley
xyah nk wat bnyk la...
piston bwh 100...
block port n polish..
carb std korek...
head potong....
exzos buang stoper....
kompom out meter...
tapi nk seting mmg9x susa
tp lau dapat puas hati...

125ZFreak said...

hey all guys.
mine one 125z modified was nearly same with this 1,bored block enduro 125 piston skimmed head and block 2 crankshaft fiber bearing 125Z carb bored 115 main jet 23.5 pilot jet GT racing CDi UMA racing coil 14/36 415 chain,my 125Z end up 140KM/H at 5th gear 6th gear no power ady,could anyone hlep me out what the problem is cannot make it reach 180KM/H???

eddy said...

@125ZFreak something is wrong maybe with your carb setting. My standard 1st model can hit 170km/h with just exhaust change. Send it to specialist carb setting workshop like Ah Hong Motor in Sentul or SCK Motor in Tmn sri Muda, Shah Alam. If you want to set it by yourself, find 'mikuni vm super tuning manua'l on this blog.

125ZFreak said...

hai dear eddy
thanks for the feedback and i was downloaded ur mikuni PDF file,still quiet not understand d setting of it but i will find out more specialist to make it right setting of it seem my 125Z cant make more further for the fuel air mixture i will look up to RXZ carburetor,they asking me buy original RXZ carburetor at stock RXZ not at the yamaha genius spare part shop,got different of them?


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