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Friday, March 14, 2008

Nice and Simple Design Of Yamaha RX-Z 1987(1st Model)

I like the design of this bike. Very simple and nice. What do you think? This decals is also the same decals used in Remp-IT movie.
The RX-Z in the movie is the RX-Z owned by Wazi Abdul Hamid who were cameo in ending part of the movie. The bike is later given to Madi for him to race with Spark.
This design is actually the design from the 1st model of RX-Z (it is also named 2UX). Even though the design is already 21 years old, it is still fresh and usable.

1987 RX-Z decals in Remp-IT

The RX-Z is now been replaced by the new 5PV2 (Catalyzer version).
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Anonymous said...

Ini std design la bro.. 80s model

Halole said...

Yes. Thanks for the information. Even though it is in 80's, the design is still fresh and useful.


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