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Friday, April 17, 2015


The SuperPole qualifying format will be introduced in the Underbone 130cc category for the 2015 season The Underbone 130cc qualifying will undergo a shake-up starting this year with the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship promoter set to introduce a Superpole format as opposed to the usual 40-minute qualifying session with the goal of increasing entertainment value for race goers.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Harley-Davidson Street 750 launched at RM62,888


New Harley-Davidson Street 750 debuts in Malaysia alongside Naza World Custom Works division.

2014 KTM RC390 Review - lightweight and track-ready -RM27,500

KTM_RC_390_MM_009 Supersports is one of the popular bike category for so long. The category exudes speed and performance. This has been to the factor that supersports styling is the style used in professional racing namely in MotoGP and WSBK. The particular supersports from KTM, the RC390, embodies the statement of speed and performance really well. It got all the packages to be a great supersports bike. Great chassis, great engine, high performance and of course great design. KTM_RC_390_MM_012 Looks KTM RC390 is an interesting bike in terms of design. When I see the concept first by KTM, it looks very sharp and carry the silhoutte of the KTM RC250GP which is being used in Moto3 racing series. What's even better is that, the concept has been taken into the production with minimal changes in the overall design. It is still sharp, and most important, it is different than the rest of the supersports in its category. The iconic double front headlamp with double J LED fairing light is distinguishable from far to be a KTM. The rear lights also very interesting with a strong presence of the red light bar. This has to be one of my favourite rear light design so far. It looks different, creative and feels like it is designed by someone who knows bikes and love it very much. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Full Throttle ADVANCE Challenge on 3rd May 2015

FTTWe humbly introduces you to Full Throttle ADVANCE Challenge. STREET RACING IS NOT MOTORSPORTS, KEEP RACING OFF PUBLIC STREETS message for noobie and advance bikers Main partners would be KBS, SHELL ADVANCE, MotoMalaya, HB Motorsports, KTM MALAYSIA CKD, AHM PRO Racing Exhaust , Asia Talent Cup, Alpinestars, Qbee, BikesRepublic and Shark Helmets Will cater various categories of 2-wheels including MiniGP, Supermoto and 2T Machines Demo laps and riding tips by Malaysian top racers from Shell ADVANCE Asia Talent Cup. Open trackday is priced for only RM50 for you test your own bike on the track. Category MINIGP OPEN KAYO MINI-GP 150cc AAM/MAM license Holder. Unlimited MINIGP up to 200cc & 12 inch Rim 15 Laps Participant must Use Track Provided Open for local rider and permanent Resident (PR) MINIGP ENDURANCE PITRIDES MOTORSPORTS MINI-GP 150cc AAM/MAM License Holder No Age Limit 1 MAKE RACE MINIGP 150cc & 12 Inch Rim 1 Hour & 30 Minuite Endurance Participant Must Use Track Provided Open For Local Rider And Permanent Resident (PR) SUPERMOTO OPEN SUPERMOTO Below To 700cc (4stroke) AAM/MAM License Holder No Age Limit Unlimited Supermoto Up To 700cc 12 Laps Participant Must Use Track Provided Open For Local Rider And Permanent Resident (PR) SUPERMOTO CKD SUPERMOTO LITE 200cc (4stroke) No Age Limit AAM/MAM License Holder. Unlimited Supermoto Up To 200cc 12 Laps Participant Must Use Track Provided Open For Local Rider And Permanent Resident (PR) KTM MALAYSIA CKD TIME ATTACK CHALLENGE Locally Assembled KTM Bikes AAM/MAM License Holder. No Age Limit Time Atack Participant Must Use Track Provided Open For Local Rider And Permanent Resident (Pr) 2T150 OPEN Challenge Any Make Of 150cc 2 Stroke Engine AAM/MAM License Holder No Age Limit 15 Laps Participant Must Use Track Provided Open For Local Rider And Permanent Resident (PR) Note: i. Unlimited – Full modifications are allowed but limited to specified engine capacity. ii. MAM one-day event license can be obtained during registration at RM50. Deadline : 02 Sat, 2015 Registration form can be obtained at Pit No16, Speedway Plus Circuit KM8, USJ Rest & Service Area, Elite Highway Contact Person Din 017 2827082 / Shiqien 014 3344600

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015 KTM RC250 and Duke 250 now available on official KTM website

2015-KTM-RC250-001 I have heard the news about the KTM RC250 and Duke 250 on the 1st April, and choose not to care about it since it might be April fools. After doing research and referring to many sites, this is the REAL thing! One way to make sure that this is the REAL thing, KTM has released official studio images and information about the bike in its official website. The presence of the KTM RC250 and Duke 250 is an interesting move since there has been a great competition in the category and KTM offering the 200cc bike seems a little bit strange. But, most the rider knows that KTM does not follow normal convention and they always do thing differently. This time they heard that you want the 250cc bike and now, it is. 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Yamaha recalls MT09, Super Tenere and R6


Apparently there is a recall on a few Yamaha MT-09s, Super Teneres and YZF-R6s. This is because there is a fault with the transmission system which leaves riders unable to select gears.

The recall is happening in the UK and according to Britain's Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, the 'transmission may fail' as a result of a fatigue crack to an internal component.

A notice on VOSA's recall database says: 'The gear shift cam segment stopper may develop a fatigue crack. If not identified, this could result in the inability of the rider to select gears.'


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