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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Confirmed: 2014 Honda CBR250R will follow the double headlight design as of the CBR300R coming this 24th April to Japan - estimated RM18,254

cbr250R-cbr300r Honda Japan has give a confirmation about the availability of the CBR250R that will use the double headlight design as of the recently introduced CBR300R in Thailand. This is logical and actually cost effective since the similar design will use similar parts hence minimizing the variety of the parts that the factory needs to prepare. I have read earlier that this CBR250R will be the global model along with the CBR300R. I'm thinking that for the country specific regulation, the country might get the CBR300R or CBR250R but not both. We have seen that Thailand got the CBR300R, so Malaysia and Indonesia might be getting the CBR250R. 2014-cbr250rThe design of the 2014 CBR250R is absolutely interesting which is sportier and much more race-like in terms of the appearance. The highlight of the design is the use of the double headlight that looks like the CBR1000RR (a.k.a The Rabbit). In my opinion, the double headlight looks much more modern and looks more 'balanced'. The design is different than the 2011 CBR250R which follows the design cues of the VFR1200. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

2014 Yamaha YZF-R15 arriving to Indonesia on 23rd April - Rp 28 million (RM7,952)

R15-Indonesia Our neighbouring country, Indonesia, will be getting the Yamaha YZF-R15 on 23rd April which is just few days away. YZF-R15 has been talked about for a very long time in Asean especially in Malaysia and Indonesia due to the resemblances of the engine and chassis, but differs in the fairing type of the Yamaha FZ150i or the Vixion in Indonesia. Many riders of FZ150i in Malaysia and Vixion riders in Indonesia are asking why the YZF-R15 are not marketed here since the engine and chassis are the same which should be no problem in terms of maintenance and parts availability. This dream has come true to Indonesian riders as they are getting the YZF-R15 soon, but not yet to Malaysian riders. Arrghhh!!! Yeah, I feel you. [caption id="attachment_16189" align="aligncenter" width="640"]2014-Yamaha-YZF-R15-001 2014 Yamaha YZF R15 Indonesia version[/caption] YZF-R15 has been released earlier in India and known as the R15 Version 2.0, which means that this bike is already on its 2nd version in production. The Indian have included the sariguard (the rear tyre cover to prevent womens' sari stuck to the rear tyre) but this one in Indonesia doesn't include that item. 

AGV Sport Riding Jacket brought in by QBEE Motor

AGV Sport Jacket Founded in 1985, AGV sport sought to introduce more technical features into motorcycle apparels instead of relying on style alone as was the common practice. AGV sport products have consistently won best in class awards from numerous motorcycle publication around the world. A high tech "helmet" mentality drives the development of all AGV Sport's products. AGV sport provides a motorcyclist with a line of both affordable entry level products hand crafted in Italy. These line of AGV Sport Jackets that Qbee Motor Group bringing in is a high quality line that suits with asian warm and rainy climate (well vented and waterproof) with affordable pricetag. More info can be obtained at:

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2014 MV Agusta F3 800 AGO - the 15 times World Champion legend continues in 300 units - estimated RM108k

MV-Agusta-f3-800-AGO-003 Tricolour, gold and that Number 1: the fairings of the champion evoke the exhilarating world of racing and the atmosphere of the tracks where the legend of the unbeatable MV Agusta Grand Prix bikes was born. These bikes made Giacomo Agostini a motorcycling legend and have now re-emerged from the past thanks to the most faithful replica ever: the F3 800 AGO, packed with unsurpassed technology that provides jaw-dropping performance and unparalleled riding pleasure.
Electronic engine and traction control play a pivotal role, ensuring the F3 800 AGO delivers tip-top performance at all times. Practical handlebar controls let the rider choose from among three different pre-set power delivery modes. And those hungry for more personalised performance will be delighted to hear that the F3 800 AGO allows configuration of the control parameters, including the traction control settings (8 levels, disengageable). MV-Agusta-f3-800-AGO-021 Thanks to the MVICS (Motor &Vehicle Integrated Control System), the rider has absolute control over the set-up process and can thus truly benefit from the exceptional versatility that brings out the technical qualities of the bike whatever the riding conditions, on the road and racetrack alike. Like a real racing bike, the F3 800 AGO even lets the rider choose - together with a host of other parameters - the ratio between throttle twist and throttle body opening. MV-Agusta-f3-800-AGO-016 Performance and safety go hand-in-hand even on the racetrack, which is why the F3 800 AGO features the sophisticated ABS Bosch 9MP with Race Mode and the RLM system, which prevents the rear wheel from lifting off the asphalt under hard braking. Awesome deceleration is ensured by a top-notch braking system, which features two 320 mm front discs, radially mounted Brembo monobloc 4-piston calipers and a 220 mm rear disc. The light, compact ABS system prevents any unwanted and potentially dangerous wheel lock while simultaneously ensuring the shortest possible braking distances under critical riding conditions (e.g. hard braking in the wet). MV-Agusta-f3-800-AGO-014Perfection is hidden in every detail: the alloy foot pegs, machined from solid aluminium, and other aluminium items make the F3 800 AGO a stunning example of function-focussed exclusivity. Every single component is carefully designed to make this MV Agusta even harder-hitting, faster and more sensational on road and track than ever. MV-Agusta-f3-800-AGO-024The use of carbon fibre on the front and rear fenders gives the F3 800 AGO real racing panache, making the bike even lighter and enhancing the already excellent power-to-weight ratio. Another key contribution comes from the gorgeous forged rims, which save a full 2 kilograms compared to the standard version. A sports-style plate holder emphasises the flowing lines of the tail, underlining its thoroughbred racing pedigree. MV-Agusta-f3-800-AGO-019The F3 800 AGO is unique in every detail. A silver plaque attached to the steering yoke shows a progressive number certifying that the F3 800 AGO is one of MV Agusta's most exclusive creations. Only a limited edition of 300 such bikes will be manufactured and on each one the fuel tank will carry the personal autograph of 15-times world champion Giacomo Agostini. A tangible thrill, then, for MV Agusta devotees and fans of the world's greatest-ever motorcyclist, to be experienced, quite literally, every time they sit astride the bike. Lastly, each of these incomparable bikes will be delivered together with a special certificate signed by Giacomo Agostini himself, providing additional proof of the uniqueness and originality of this latest MV Agusta legend.   [gallery ids="16178,16177,16176,16175,16174,16173,16172,16171,16170,16169,16168,16167,16166,16165,16164,16163,16162,16161,16159,16158,16157,16156,16155,16154"]

Friday, April 18, 2014

Yamaha Continue Partnership with TOYOTA Racing Through 2014

ToyotaYamaha Yamaha Motor Europe (YME) will continue as an 'Official Supplier of TOYOTA Racing' for the 2014 FIA World Endurance Championship. As part of the collaboration, YME will stimulate TOYOTA Racing's team mobility by providing Yamaha EC-03 electric (2-wheeler) units for the rounds of Silverstone, Spa and Le Mans. YME began providing TOYOTA Racing with EC-03 electric vehicles at the start of the team's participation in the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2012. The season resulted in an impressive three wins from six races, TOYOTA Racing receiving the Team Rookie of the Year Award from the FIA, and ultimately being named as the best new WEC team of 2012. The 2013 season also featured several highlights. TOYOTA Racing scored multiple podiums and ended the season on a high with a victory at the final round in Bahrain.
The EC-03 is Yamaha's solution to pollution, noise, and high costs in petrol, making the vehicle ideal for short-distance, urban travel. The pure electric vehicle has zero emissions and can charge from any common wall socket through the use of a cable that can be found underneath the seat. The EC-03 is also equipped with a silent operation feature, but this does not mean it suffers in power: this environmentally friendly vehicle comes with a switch that allows riders to enhance the performance capabilities by changing from the Standard mode to the Power mode all with the press of a button on the digital screen.
For 2014 TOYOTA Racing has revealed the technologically-advanced TS040 HYBRID car that will compete in the championship. The four-wheel drive vehicle includes the new TOYOTA HYBRID System - Racing, specially developed in response to the revised WEC technical regulations that require a 25% reduction in fuel usage compared to 2013, with savings achieved through powertrain, aerodynamics and driving style efficiencies. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

2014 Yamaha FZ150i unveiled in Malaysia - RM8,538 (basic)

IMG_0269 The wait is over. Hong Leong Yamaha Malaysia (HLYM) has finally bring us the awaited 2014 Yamaha FZ150i with the new refreshed facelift that is already released earlier in Indonesia. Many riders in Malaysia who looking for a great fuel-efficient 150cc bikes are holding up their money to wait for this bike. In Indonesia, this bike is named as the Yamaha V-ixion Lightning to distinguish itself from its predecessor. 


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